Broken power buttons on a Palm

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Broken power buttons on a Palm


It is quite common for the power button on a Palm device to stop working. The button connects to a micro switch, which often comes loose. There is a freeware program called PowerBtn, which allows you to use one of the hardware buttons instead. It is a great piece of software, which does the job perfectly.

With PowerBtn, you can effortlessly remap one of your 4 main hard buttons into a new power button or even turn the program itself into a power button. Hard buttons 1 to 4 are the 4 main hard buttons on your device, from left to right.

PowerBtn is a complete power button replacement utility, including preference panel integration and even offering a hard reset solution (thanks to Dmitry Grinberg). The hard reset option is handy, especially if your power button is broken, thus making the standard method of hard reset impossible.

PowerBtn is freeware, and can be downloaded from most Palm software sites.


  • Easy power button remapping
  • Ability to have the program itself act as a power button
  • Preference panel integration
  • Hard reset ability
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