Broody hen?? How to make one!!

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Well SLIGHTLY misleading perhaps, but while you are here!! Take a 10" CLAY plant pot. Into the bottom of the pot insert a lamp holder for a table lamp. Fit a   60Watt lamp, invert the pot and turn on and HEY PRESTO you have a broody hen!!! Paint it a face or like me just write MUMMY on it!! The chicks are really NOT bothered! BUT best thing is it works!! Simply place in your chosen brooder box? And raise from the deck around an inch by using pieces of wood (Don't allow enough space for chicks to get UNDER pot as they will do! (Experts at Hari-Kari are chicks!!) And enjoy!!
Switch off during daytime after around é weeks and only turn off if it gets TOO cold!! Easiest way is to use a thermostat, but only if you KNOW what you are about.
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