Bugaboo Vs Hauck Infinity, I'coo, Vigor, Maui, Icandy

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It is something I feel the need to write as being a very happy bugaboo owner I keep seeing listings for Hauck Infinitys, I'coo, Icandy, Britax Vigor, mothercare Maui Etc... being compared to being just the same as a bugaboo but without the price tag! This is just sooo not the case. It is just the similarities of the similar looking small front wheels and larger pneumatic back wheels that are similar other than that that is where the similarities end.

There is nothing wrong with buying a "Bugalike" if you are buying it as you genuinely want that particular pushchair pram system but to buy it as it is a cheaper option of a bugaboo it isn't. They do always have the assosiation of being called bugalikes, wannabug or fakeaboo unfortuately.

It is like buying a car that looks like a 4X4 but isn't a 4X4.

The Bugaboo has loads of additional features that you just won't get in a cheaper brand. They are extremely light at 9kgs, they fold compact and with the travel bag they are conveneient to take on holiday. I have taken mine twice away on holiday with me now no problems at all.

It is a fab 3in1 and rear facing seat, It has adjustable telescopic handle height, handy handle bar height brake lever to engage and disengage. A huge drawstring shopping basket which expands to hold loads. It has te adjustable suspension which can be handy, it can have a 2 wheel setting for pulling over sand, gravel and snow.  It can be set so the big wheels go to the front (flip of the handle) for better grip at going over rough terrain and the small wheels at the front for going around town and can turn on a sixpence!

The customer service is second to non and it is no quibble. They generally send replacement parts out no questions asked!

The cameleon is great for indecisive mums who like to change the look with the mixing, matching and changing of diferent coloured fleeces.

Best bit is you can buy a cameleon for £500 and when you have finished recoupe back about £400-£450 not bad depreciation compared to the cheaper models that end up having to be given away when they have been finished with.

It has been known that the cameleon can fit in the boot of a ford ka! All in all if you desire the bugaboo but think you can save some money the truth is you can't once you have an itch for a bugaboo it doesn't go away until you get one...believe me I know from personal experence. I went through 35 prams and it was the Bugaboo that stopped my pramaholism and if I had to only have one pram it would be the Bugaboo.... I am now and reformed pramaholic!

I have a feeling owners of the above mentioned brand won't be happy and will mark this reveiw down. But I feel i just have to write it anyway to give a true reflection of the buagboo brand, you do get what you pay for.

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