Bugbuster Spider and Insect Catcher, humane spider trap

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So, I got a Bugbuster.  It cost £9.99 and it came with a battery included.  The story on the web seemed good: point it at a spider, hold the end of the foot long nozzle near to the spider and press the button.... the spider would be sucked up into the plastic tube, unharmed and could be released outside, away from the house.  Just what I wanted.

I watched the youtube video a few times before I decided to buy a Bugbuster.  It looked as though it would do what I wanted: catch spiders and similar critters so I could put them outside without having to touch them.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the performance of my Bugbuster.  It does just what it says on the box, I have caught no end of spiders, daddy long legs, wasps and moths with it.  Even though the novelty has worn off now and I am no longer hunting through the house to find something to catch, its nice to know that the Bugbuster is there anytime I spot some sort of creepy crawlie inside that I would prefer to be outside.

Every house should have one.
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