Build and Tune Service at Drum Stop

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We Can Build and Tune your Kit for you!

Build & Tune Service available from Drum Stop For Just £35, you can get your Drum Kit Built & Tuned before it Gets Delivered. Take the hassle out of Buying your Drum Kit.  If you are unsure of how to build it, don't have enough time, or it's a present then let us do the hard work for you. Many Drum Kits arrive dis-assembled like Russian Dolls in Boxes.  This means that you have to spend time building each drum by placing the heads on and tightening all the lugs up.  This has to be done on all of the drums and each drum has two heads.  You also then have to spend time tuning the kit before you can play it.  By choosing our Build and Tune Service we Build all the Drums up and put on the Drum Heads for you as well as giving it a basic tune up, so you are ready to play when it arrives.  All you have to do is then unpack and place the drums together wherever you want to play them and just extend the legs and tighten up the pieces of hardware.  Obviously the stands themselves just need opening up and placing where you need them as we can't send built stands by courier as they would just get damaged.  Email us or call for more information on 0114 247 2200.  Some Kits can't benefit from the Build and Tune, so give us a call or look out for the notes in the Products themselves when choosing to Buy the kit.

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