Building Your Feedback Rating for New Ebayers

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New? And wishing you could build your feedback quicker?  Almost daily, the community boards on ebay are clogged with questions about feedback. Many of these have to do about negative feedback they feel was undeserved, but at least once a day they are about how to get people to leave them positive feedback.

Here's the Bad News-- It's not okay to ask for feedback

Ask almost any seasoned seller how they ask for feedback and they will tell you "NEVER DO IT!" -- The reason for this is that  the feedback is an optional system, and asking, cajoling, begging or otherwise soliciting feedback is likely to get you feedback-- but probably not the positive feedback you seek!

So what's a poor new EBayer / zero feedback user to do?


  1. Pay immediately. The easiest way to do this is to buy using Paypal, and pay the same day.
  2. When the item arrives, open it the same day and let the seller know it arrived and you are pleased.
    Here's where camps differ: I would suggest if you are a new buyer, leave feedback immediately after receiving your item and verifying you are satisfied. IMPORTANT-do not leave feedback prior to receiving your item and/or verifying its condition.
    The feedback you leave should be personal, and more than "thank you". Leave something that will catch the seller's eye-- they are more likely to respond to your feedback.  Note-- many sellers use "auto" feedback systems and will return any positive feedback immediately with a positive.
  3. Buy several small items (low in price if need be) to establish a buying history. This will show other users on ebay that you understand the buying process.
  4. Ask questions prior to bidding about anything you don't understand. This will prevent asking questions after the auction and coming across as a difficult buyer.
  5. Leave Feedback first. If you are trying to build your buying feedback-- there is almost no reason to not leave feedback first. If you are pleased with your purchase, paid quickly and have not sent annoying emails to the seller-- they have no reason to leave you anything but positive in return.

Provide an Option other Than Feedback First

If you are concerned as a seller about leaving feedback first- consider giving the customer an option.

Please let me know by email that you are happy with your product, so  I will know our transaction is complete-- and leave you positive feedback for your quick payment

This lets the buyer know that you just want to make sure everything is okay-- and it helps end the game of "Chicken" with feedback (No, you leave it first!)

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