Building a DVD Collection

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So you want to build a DVD collection? Where do you begin? How do you manage it?

How do I build a DVD collection? Here is a very useful hint don't buy just new releases. Start buying titles that you may already have on VHS, these titles will generally be older films that are now quite cheap to buy on DVD. Studios are continually releasing their back catalogues onto DVD, with many now releasing movies onto DVD only! Another useful hint is not to buy a movie on the day of release unless you are absolutely desperate for it or it is being offered at fantastic 1st day only price.

Once you have started this process why not sell your VHS collection - this will give you more money to spend on DVDs. Note that when selling videos it may be more wise to either sell them individually on ebay or at a carboot as trade-in place such as Blockbusters may only offer you £0.20 each if they take them at all.

When buying make sure that you shop around, prices for a film can vary as much as £8 for a new release and more for older titles. Ebay is a great place to buy from, however check the other internet shops ( etc) as well. When buying from an Ebayer make sure that you check their feed back and read the description carefully, a good guide to read is this one on fake DVDs .

Fairly quickly your collection will go from just a handful of titles to 100 or so, so how do you manage it?  There are a few ways you can manage it, you could write them in a pad, use 'word' to just list them, use 'excel' to catalogue them with other information or you could use a specific piece of software to manage them.

I started off by using 'excel' but as my collection grew this became harder and harder to manage, so I downloaded a piece of software called DVD Profiler ( This software is free for the full version (with adverts, but can be upgraded to advert free version for a small one off price).

All you need to do is type in the barcode of the DVD title and it will download lots and lots of information on the film as well as the covers. The software allows you to manage who you have lent movies to, create reports/lists so you know what you have and also provides a useful web based backup service should you computer ever crash.

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