Building a PC Games Machine From Scratch

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Motherboards                                  IN THE BEGINGING!

  I built my first games machine some years ago using  medium PC tower, a Sempron 1.8Ghz Processor with a 333Fsb, on a GA Board that supports duron and Athlon 100-266 fsb.  The board excepted the processor no problem but the bios did not know what to make of the sempron cpu.  Any how to cut a long story short i have deciced to build another using materials available at hand rather than buying all the kit.


  This project is going bak to old school basic! Using and putting together components that would never be used in the way I am going to use them, modifying and adjusting components to fit my requirements! yes the Ps2 and other machines are good but there is nothing quite like a self build.


Over the next few weeks and maybe months depending on time, which is a factor, i will build a  PC games machine with odds and sods.  I know that lot of you out there are on a budget and can't afford to by New state of the art kit, what I want to demonstarte is that you can build with anything and for  a small budget, and enjoy the build. I will post each step of the build.


I came across a micro biostar AM2 motherboard in a job lot I aquired, on testing the board seems dead, but my spider sense told me to put it aside and come back to it later as you do. When I eventually got back to it I took several attempts using various methods to boot the board back to lift.


I used a slightly faulty Video card,, using this prompts the board bios to recognise a fault and report it! I also booted with just the keyboard no mouse and 266Mhz DDr ram and of course the all important test analyser card which can aid booting not always successful but it does.  The first post the board displayed  graphics I kept the board running for some time before shutting it down, it took two attempts to reboot, when it did i pressed delete an entered the bios to check to see if it was set to the factories specification or had it been configured by its previous owner.


 There was some changes, and it also looked as if an attempt was made to flash the bios, which may have been partially successful, and may have been the cause of the board being thrown.  I quickly modified the boards bios to fit  my spec  and how I wanted it. I did not over-clock, I simply wanted to keep the board alive.


The Board  in question is a BioStar K8M800 MICRO AM2 VER 1.0. Dia: 19.5cm x 24.5cm. perfect fit into a mico pc case! oops well yes the case I found on a shelf in my workshop as you do. Dia: 36cm x 36cm x 19cm.  Its former resident was a e'machines Cognac Mpga370 Motherboard,  this was quickly evicted.  I had to modify the case, as it was design for a small motherboard and a small Psu.  My requirements was for astandard size Psu and a small form factor mobo, 2x Ide otical drives, multi function card reader and a modest hard drive 160Gb.


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