Building a Store on eBay

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eBay can be a very profitable marketplace.  There are a few things you need to know before you  build your store.


This is a very important part of selling items on eBay. You need to know what you are going to sell on eBay and what you will charge for your items also you will need to work out shipping costs.  

eBay has made this fairly easy to find what your items will sell for even people are buying your items. as you will be able to search for your product in both running auctions and also ended auctions so you can see if other people are selling your type of product.  You will also see what prices your type of product sells for.  Shipping costs will vary quite a bit depending on your item and shipping methods.

A quick tip that I found helps with shipping prices is to wrap your product as you would if you were to send it and weigh the item if this is passable and the visit your shippers site and check the prices there.  Most customers don't mind high shipping costs if there is a reason for it.  Try to think if you were to buy this item would the cost be reasonable to you.

For example if you sell an item that costs £1.99 would a shipping fee of £6.99 be reasonable.

Feedback Rating

This is a very important part of your eBay business.  If you have a low feedback eBay users will be vary wary of you.  It will pay you to build up your feedback rating before you open your store.  The time you take here will pay off later when you open your store.

Once you have done your research and build your feedback you are all ready to open your store.

The next step is to register and open your eBay store.  Once you have opened your store you will need to add your products.  Your store will have an extra option for your listings "Good til Canceled"  This option is different to your normal listings as it will list your products until you cancel it.  Think of this option as having your products on a virtual product rack.

Now you have your eBay store open you can't just sit back and wait for people to find you or to buy your products.  If you take this method you may make a few sales but they will be very few and far between.

Now you really need to market and promote your store like mad.

Marketing and Promotion

There are quite a few ways to market your eBay store.  The first method is to use eBay's regular auctions, this will allow you to appear in the eBay search results.

Always add a link to your store in all your auctions.  eBay adds a link to your store but ask people to visit.

Advertise in your local community with flyer's, business cards and classified ads.  

Create your own Blogs and write about topics relevant to your eBay store and products you sell.  Include links back to your store.

In this article we have covered some of the basics of building a store on eBay and I hope you have found it helpful.  You can see there is more to starting a eBay store than simply opening one.  

I wish you all the very best with your store.  

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