Bullet, Stab and Spike Protection Standards

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All British Manufactured  Ballistic and Stab Rated Articles have to conform to Standards set by the Home Office Scientific Development Branch, HOSDB.

The ratings a split into 3 Categories:
  • Ballistic : Protection from bullets/ammunition
  • Stab: Protection from knives, swords and other sharp weapons
  • Spike: Protection from Needles,  and other fine pointed forms of attack
For each of these Categories, there is a Protection Rating:

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Please make sure that if you are buying this kind of item online that the actual Ballistic Inserts, not just the Carrier Vests, that are marked with the rating you require. Or that the item is shipped with a Conformance Certificate.

All of the information detailed on the actual panels are detailed in all of  our listings . We sell all of our items without any Warranty or Guarantee as we do not know the history, however this does not put of the hundreds of customers we have previously supplied (I think that's probably sown to the price).

Any UK distributor of these items must obtain an Export Certificate for every individual consignment. This can often take up to 30 days and for this reason we do not export.

So, if you are buying from Europe or beyond and they do not ask you to complete the relevant paper work, be aware that there may well be Custom implications.

Some regular visitors to our shop will have noticed that all of our Ex- MOD Vest have been delisted. This is because the MOD now forbid the sale of this type of Army Surplus item. Be careful if you are looking to buy this type of item as the distributor may be breaking the law.

I hope that this was some use to you and look forward to receiving an order.

Stay Safe,

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