Business Rivals using feedback to spy on your business

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I am writing this guide with one thing in mind

Im sick to death of other people jumping on my bandwagon and using my ebay feedback to spy on the items I buy for my business just so that they can underhandedly buy the same items and copy my ideas.

I refer mainly to so called friends of my family who have been doing this for months, also asking what appeared at the time to be innocent questions regarding the business, suddenly to find they are selling the same kind of goods and some of them being almost identical.

Im sure that others have done this in the past (but for a friend to do it) makes me wonder if I should start hiding my feedback and making ALL my purchases private.

Most people will look at this and think what's the problem??

Well image if it was your friend that did that to you, I feel that ebay is a good place to trade and feedback is very important and always wondered why some ebayers hide thier feedback, now I know.

Why should I spend hours every day improving my business, tracking down supplies and new contacts only for someone else to be able to just steal them by doing nothing more than looking at a screen.

We are not talking about 1 or 2 items here people we are talking about dozens of them over months and then recently to find they are trying to steal our customers also!!.


Ebayers should'nt have to hide their feedback or purchases to stop this kind of thing.

Yes the things i've bought can be bought just about anywhere, but this is about friendship and betrayal and very underhanded tactics using feedback for all the wrong reasons.

Im sure thier are people out there that have had thier feedback used against them (in a manner or speaking) against them and im sure that there are people who just hide their feedback, just because they dont want the world knowing what they have purchased (could just be as they are gifts for people).

The underlaying story here folks is just be thoughtful of who is doing what or spying on you through ebay and other means.

Many thanks for reading this and taking the time out of your busy day to read it.

(most of which you will probably not understand).

Kindest regards

Mr foo dog


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