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After buying a supposed Emporio Armani zip up top with a number on it I asked the seller if it was a second as the tag on the inside was sewn in back to front, the top had a fleece type lining on the inside, the stitching was of poor quality and the embroidered badge had poor loose stitching. As I had bought a similar top in 2007 from the Emporio Armani shop the difference was more than obvious, The top I bought was of a high quality track suit type material ( if there is such a thing ) had a smooth lining inside and the tat had two stitches one at the two top corners, not sewn in to the lining, the numbers on the top are of a light rubber material and the stitching round the cuffs and seams had no gather at all. This style of top when released had a different number per colour of top, so watch out for tops on your search with the same number and change of colour, if this is the case it will probably be a FAKE!!!   Not every top will be a fake and I have put this in as a gide from my own point of view, saddly there are a few people on the site who are using it to shift thier copies, hat off to ebay for trying to weed them out.
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