Buy it Now Reading the Description First....??

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"Buy it Now" Avoiding mistakes when Description is not read thoroughly...

How many times have you bought an item that doesn't meet your expectations, or received queries/negative feedback from a buyer where the goods do match your description exactly? It is quite possible this is resultant from clicking "Buy it Now" without bothering to read the description in Part or Full.

I'd imagine somewhere in Ebay Terms & Conditions there is a clause stating, when considering/entering into a binding/financial transaction, to read the seller's body of text before committing - i.e. when using "buy it now" or "place bid". Indeed, how many times have you "agreed" by reading the plethora of  Terms & Conditions before downloading Free Software/Update?

When observing feedback of other Traders, in certain cases, it is evident buyers are leaving negative feedback because the Description has not been read in full e.g. a Japanese "Chirasi" Movie Poster measures 10 x 7 inches- approx A4 sized, is it justified to complain because it's "smaller than expected" when accurately described? Or maybe it's equally contentious to describe a document of those dimensions as a "Poster" and not a "flyer"?

The Solution

The "Buy it Now" Button should be placed at THE BOTTOM of the listing, encouraging prospective buyers to read the description first. Additionally, there should be a "tick/check box" that must be clicked before allowing "Buy it Now" or "Place Bid", to State the buyer has read the description. This is not necessarily designed to force the buyer to understand/adhere to a Seller's Terms and Conditions, as these may contravene Statutory Rights/Applicable Laws or simply be too verbose.

This fundamental reform will go some way to reduce the incidence of contention for both Buyers and Sellers alike, Hope you all agree, Thank You.

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