Buyer Ignores Terms & Conditions - Workaround Solution.

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What to do when a Buyer Ignores a Sellers Terms & Conditions.

This essentially rates to user id:  wildwal72

But the case in point illustrates a massive hole in eBay's treatment of sellers, specifically when a seller has clearly defined 'Terms & Conditions', a buyer completely ignores them, and then leave's a seller negative feedback - because the BUYER ignored the Terms & Conditions.

I also explain my solution to this.


I listed with very clear Terms & Conditions a very heavy and very large pair of speakers.  The terms were that the speakers were COLLECTION ONLY. Simple huh? Or at least you'd think so.

Winner bid, won and demanded I post them. I repeatedly, and politely, explained this was impossible (they'd need a wooden palette, and time I simply don't have spare to sort all this), and asked him, repeatedly, and politely, to meet the terms of the sale and collect.

The back and forth emails were ridiculous, I'm sure most sellers know the usual route, we explain things simply, buyer gets indignant, etc.

He refused. So I refunded.

At which point he got rude, harassed me, and then left neg f'back.

Worth repeating: I had clear T&C's, wildwal72 ignored them, won, paid, I refunded, only after the refund did he then get VERY rude. He said he wouldn't accept the refund and that I 'must' post/send the speakers. And then he left neg feedback.

His rudeness included a flurry of emails, telephone calls, etc, and lots of abuse. Nice.

Clearly eBay should make it mandatory that a potential buyer must acknowledge and follow a sellers T&C's. But they don't, so I had to think of a way around this.


It's not ideal but it's the best workaround I can come up with.

This neg f'back is my first (and it marked my 400th feedback exactly. Whoop de freakin' do!). But I have had LOTS of buyers ask me questions about delivery options, courier details, collection details, etc - when these details have ALREADY been VERY clearly outlined in the listing. Again, I'm sure most sellers know the sort of thing I'm talking about, you state 'Collection Only', and you get a flurry of emails asking 'How much to send to so and so?'. One day it had to happen, a buyer would just bid regardless, and I would have to deal with the resulting mess s/he has caused.

My solution is this... have another, separate eBay account, call it something like 'Collection Only', and list ONLY those items that you cannot post. So any item that has to be collected, use a courier, or even more confusing for buyers; 'Courier collection only - to be sorted by buyer ONLY' gets listed by this account.

If an item has anything in the Terms & Conditions that are even remotely confusing, even a simple 'Collection Only' item, it gets listed by this second account.

The account is 'linked' to your main account by various links and details in your listing, 'About Me' page, etc. A simple copy & paste of 'This is my second eBay account, used for listing items that cannot be posted. I have been forced to do this to accommodate some buyers inability to read 'Collection Only' in my listings. For confirmation of this please feel free to email me on my main account which is blah'. This should ensure a buyer knows you are actually an established eBay seller and this isn't a new account.

  • This doesn't guarantee a seller will be immune to all negative feedback. But it will make a seller's main account immune to buyers ignoring collection only stipulations.
  • Copying & pasting the addendum to each listing that gets listed by the second account. Hardly a major problem.
  • Setting up a second account (which is actually quite simple as you can easily link it to your existing Paypal account).
  • If you sell most of your items via collection only, this won't work for you guys.

  • Main account is immune to buyers leaving neg f'back resulting from them ignoring collection/courier/etc stipulations.
  • A buyer can feel free to let this account get a few neg's, and can then delete and make a new one. All the while the main account is protected.

Additionally, eBay allows a user to have more than one account, and as mentioned above they can be linked to the same Paypal account. This makes setting up secondary accounts for selling items that cannot be posted quite easy!

Note: Why does wildwal72 not have any negative feedback? Simple, he NEVER sells anything. Makes you wonder if he also has 2 accounts!

Note 2: Another buyer (not someone I've dealt with) who ignores a sellers clearly stated 'collection only' stipulation, refuses to collect, and then leave's negative feedback is tinytimjukeboxes

Note 3: Proof that a secondary 'Collection Only' account works is evidenced by the growing list of sellers who still refuse to collect! Luckily these people are buying from my Collection Only account, so I can be as assertive as needed, and not give a toss about negative feedback.

Name & Shame Hall of Fame!


Ah, the original cause for this guide! Details above.


This charming individual bought some large speakers, ignored all my emails for a week, then demanded I organise delivery via courier. Nice. Again, this account seems to be used just for buying activities.


This buyer decided to ignore my collection only restriction and bought two turntables, and told me to deliver. He then told me he was 'off to Poland' (which he knew about when he bid). Nice. And again, this account seems to be used just for buying activities.
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