Buyer claims they didn't receive the item - SCAM

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As a regular ebay for many years (admitedly on and off) I am very disappointed to find the latest ebay scam I seem to be experiencing, namely the buyer saying they didn't receive the item. I always obtain proof of posting for any item I post and I try to keep the postage costs down by not asking the buyer to pay an additional cost for recorded or registered mail.

I feel this is a slur on my character, by suggesting that I didn't send the item. What I expect happens is that the buyer does not like the item (I always place accurate descriptions of the item and always answer any questions) and then say they didn't receive it. When this has happened to me, I either have listed the item myself or ask if the seller is prepared to take it back. I would NEVER say I hadn't received the item and expect to receive a full refund, including postage.

This has happened to me twice in the pas few weeks and I posted the 2 items in different  post offices in different areas.

I am happy to refund the cost of them item, if I feel the reason is genuine, as I am happy for the buyer to return the item, if they are not happy with it.  I have 100% feedback and am pleased with the feedback I received and pride myself on being a good seller. However, this latest SCAM is causing me to stop using ebay altogether.


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