Buyer says item not arrived.

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I dont sell much, but recetly sold some items of makeup - one buyer hit the Buy It Now button and purchased.  I have in my sellers conditions a proviso saying that Negative or New members email me before purchasing. She didnt, and also asked about payment although it was quite clearly stated that I didnt accept Paypal.  She sent loose cash in an ordinarly paper envelope - not via recorded delivery either ( i do state if buyer send cash they do so at own risk and should send recorded..) I then got a spate of messages via ebay's contact a seller. "seeing as you got the cash can you send the item "  "i'll post feedback when i get the item" "seeing as you got my money can you give me feedback" etc. I'm not green !!! I didnt post feedback.  On a Saturday she posted feedback - great item, great seller etc.  Lo on the Tuesday she sent me a threatening email via ebay - item had not arrived I got her money- she wanted an item or she'd report me to ebay  etc. I emailed back that I kept ALL her emails, that I allowed her to bid as she was a new member even tho she had totally ignored my auction conditions, and that she had OPTED for standard delivery and I had proof of posting of her item,(the post on the auction was Recorded with Standard as a cheaper option)  and that if she had'nt got it why on earth had she posted positve feedback ?? and that I was reporting HER to ebay.

Report her I did, and I didnt hear another peep off her. However last time I checked she had amassed -2 feedbacks.

I would advise anyone selling to send by recorded (which i usually do but she selectecd the cheaper option and the conditions are stated that it's their problem then) or at least get Proof of Posting. This does not exclude you from the ebay/paypal contracts, but at least it's some proof that you have posted the item if you get a buyer that tries to pull a fast one. It's a shame that this happens because it spoils it for everyone.

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