Buyers Guide to Android Tablet PCs & Scammer info

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Hi all, im writing this because i feel i have been scammed by a seller and wanted others to learn by my mistakes.

i cannot name the ebay seller involved as i dont want repercussions.

heres my advice to you :

if you must buy a tablet pc get them from a UK source only. Dealing with people on the other end of the world is a nightmare when things go wrong. 
Be sure they are stocked in UK too, some sellers order them direct to you from China. NOT GOOD.

The seller advertised my tablet as a 1.4ghz dual core device. Once received i tested it with 4 pieces of software and found it ran at 1ghz and no dual core.
I immediately contacted the seller, who said the software was at fault and since it was working, and that i should forget it. 
I then contacted the manufacturers in china twice via email, getting no reply. 
My next step was to seek advice on the web - i checked out youtube on my pc (all reported the ZT180 as 1ghz) and forums (who told me about the speed scams, and advised i went to zenithink usa's website for help).

Zenithink usa are the licensed distributors for the zt180 in usa and are in regular contact with zenithink china. USA informed me via email that the sellers on ebay (and elsewhere) of 1.4ghz dual cores were scammers because no such thing exists at this time. There are also no dual cores, just 1 for cpu and a seperate one for graphics.
The seller, when confronted with this, said zenithink usa did not know what they were talking about, their products are WAY behind the china manufacturers, and were nothing to do with zenithink china as they are just sellers.

he then offered me a 10% refund (around £13) if i went away. i declined. He has sold loads of these with little or no complaints since buyers genuinely dont know what they get is lesser than advertised.
He has offered me a 100% refund if i return it (i have to pay around £40 out of my own pocket for postage (includes re-packing & insurance etc)) but have been advised on the forums not to accept as apparently they regularly sign for parcels using made-up names and then claim they never arrived, and bang goes your refund.

Be sure tablet pcs do what you want. I purchased an Android tablet so i could use the free software from Android Market. While the Android 2.1 OS was on the tablet, it DID NOT allow use of android market !
*** UPDATE *** since writing Zenithink USA have released an update to the ZT-180s Op system which allows full & easy use of Android Market :)      The downside is you have to make the update yourself. If you have a ZT-180 and are nervous about doing this please get in touch with me, i'll try and help.
In my opinion Zenithink USA are doing more for these tablets than Zenithink China. And the person i bought mine from said Zenithink USA know nothing - shows what he knows....
Apparently most tablets do not ! Be sure to ask the seller is Android Market pre-installed. Other markets / websites might be installed as alternatives, but android market is the standard so be sure to have it.
Mine would not even allow download / install of android apps from ANY site, and i tried quite a few ! in the end i had to download them on my android phone and copy them across, then install.

Wifi connection is a nightmare too - i keep loosing connection barely 10ft from my router through 1 partition wall. Sometimes wont even find the wifi in the same room until i restart the tablet.
youtube was pre-installed but you could not view videos - i had to get & install a special prog. 
in fact many vid clips / audio formats were not native to the tablet. extra software were needed to play them.
Battery life is around 2-3hrs depending on what you are doing.
updates are available from zenithink usa's website, but these are slow arriving and correcting the faults may take years.

Overall the tablet works for basic needs, but not in a satisfactory manner and certainly not at speeds advertised in the original auction.

If you must buy one then get them from a UK company. be sure to ask loads of questions first and keep their replies just in case.

THANKS TO various android forums & zenithink usa for advice.

I hope this helps someone. Any questions please contact me via ebay.
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