Buyer's Guide to Buying Wallet Cases for Mobile Phones

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When it comes to mobile phones cases and covers, wallet cases that combine the function of a wallet with that of a phone cover win top marks for versatility. Protective and stylish, wallet covers are a great option for those wanting to stay smart and organised. And there are plenty of options for those shopping for wallet cases on a budget.

Choosing Wallet Cases for Mobile Phones

With the myriad of different mobile phone cases and covers out there, it is easy to find a cover that suits individual requirements and preferences. The various benefits of wallet covers for mobile phones are outlined below.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Wallet Cases for Mobile Phones

Wallet covers have several advantages over other types of cover. They are typically made of durable materials such as synthetic leather, neoprene, or other plastics, making them strong with good resistance to damage caused by dropping, knocking, or scratching. They provide the user with several handy compartments in which to place items such as debit and credit cards, business cards, driver’s licence, cash and other similar items. Phone covers that also function as a wallet means that there is one less thing to remember or forget when leaving the house or the office. The disadvantage of this combination system in some cases, though not all, means added bulk. This applies especially to phones where the super slim profile is a strong selling point. Because they are generally designed for a specific phone, it also means that when the phone is changed the cover may need to also be changed. It also means that if the phone is lost, so is the wallet.

Typical Added Features

Typically wallet covers hold the phone permanently in place so there is no need to remove it. They usually give full access to the screen when the front cover is simply flipped back. Clips and other fasteners keep the wallet firmly closed with the phone protected inside when it is not in use. These features make the phone easy to access and the cover easy to use, including for those who use their phone on a regular and frequent basis. Beyond these, and other, general features of mobile phone wallet cases differ widely in style and design. Frequently found in black, tan and other smart colours, cases may also be found in bright covers and sometimes in novelty or retro designs. Materials range from leather to plastic and metal. The size is dependent on the particular phone model as well as additional compartments and construction material. These different features are discussed further below.

General Factors to Look for When Buying a Wallet Case on a Budget

There are several reasons why it makes sense not to splash out on a wallet case for a mobile phone. In many cases, it is not necessary to spend extra money to obtain a product that is almost identical in appearance and function. Because wallet covers are typically designed for specific phone models, they may need to be changed when a phone is upgraded, making them more of a transient purchase than a permanent one. Many people also like to change their cover on a frequent basis simply for a change in appearance. For these reasons alone, it makes sense not to splash out too extravagantly on a cover. The price of wallet cases and covers can vary quite considerably. But despite the prevalence of higher end designer covers made of leather or other expensive materials, there are plenty of options for those on a budget. Unbranded covers are generally cheaper than branded covers. There are many unbranded covers readily available on the Internet and these often have no noticeable differences from their branded counterparts, other than the price tag. Buying online is usually cheaper than purchasing in-store. Always compare prices and look out for deals. Check product and manufacturer reviews before committing to any purchase. Buying second hand covers is another option, especially if a more expensive type of cover is desired. Used covers can often be found at considerably lower prices than the same product if bought new, especially with the tendency for many mobile phone users to frequently change or upgrade their phones and/or covers. If buying a second hand cover, check the product description for any damage or missing parts.

What Type of Material to Look for on a Budget

Wallet cases can be found in several different materials, often of leather, but also in plastic and other synthetic materials.


Cotton cases are comfortable and usually not at all bulky in themselves. They may also be suitable for a wider range of phones rather than a specific model, making them more versatile than other types of cover. However, fabric covers offer less protection to phones against damage caused by dropping or denting.

Affordability – typically excellent.

Neoprene and silicone

Neoprene and silicone covers are typically slimline and less bulky than other types of cover. They are durable and have excellent shock protection as well as resistance to abrasion and liquids including oils.

Affordability – typically excellent.

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather has the same stylish appearance as leather and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. It has good resistance to abrasion and impact.

Affordability – typically excellent.


Different types of leather are used for mobile phone cases and covers. The various types of leather used range from thin, soft, and supple leathers to thicker, tougher, and more durable forms. Leather covers are available in various colours. Leather offers average to good shock absorption, as well as being smart and stylish in appearance.

Affordability – moderate. Look out for unbranded and second hand covers.

What Type of Design to Look for on a Budget

Wallet style cases are available in various designs, including flip case, slim fitting cases, and handmade cases. These are outlined in the table below.

Flip case

The flip case is the most recognisable kind of wallet case for mobile phones. This traditional design has a section which holds the phone in place and a front cover which flips back. The phone can also be removed easily. Compartments for cards and cash are found in the inside front cover, which can be closed with a clip, magnetic clip, popper, or other fastening.

Affordability – poor to excellent. Price depends upon various factors including brand and material. Look for unbranded cases in cheaper materials such as synthetic leather.

Slim fitting cases

Some cases nod towards the skin type of mobile cover, with slim fitting covers made of hard or soft plastics. They simply have a slip in compartment for cards at the back, making them less bulky in form than flip cases. The phone is completely free to access, making them more convenient for those that use their phones often, particularly while out and about or using their phone with one hand while walking, writing, or performing other activities.

Affordability – excellent. Often cheaper than flip cases.

Handmade cases

Handmade cases are often made of soft fabrics. They may have a traditional wallet style design, with space for the phone on one side and compartments for cards and other personal items, such as earphones or USB sticks, on the other. These types of cover can be a stylish option for those looking for something a little different

Affordability – often excellent. There is some variation in cost but plenty of inexpensive versions available.


Wallet cases for mobile phones are available in various designs and made from various materials. For those wanting the luxury appearance of leather on a budget, synthetic leather is a good option. Neoprene, silicone, and cotton are other options for inexpensive covers. When buying a budget cover, look for unbranded items and second hand items. Browse online sellers and shop around to find deals. By following these basic guidelines, is quite possible to find stylish wallet covers for mobile phones at very affordable prices.

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