Buyer's Guide to Pokemon GO Account: 5 Things to know

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What kind of Pokemon GO Account is considered good? How do you spot scammers? Why is everyone selling Dragonites and Snorlaxes? If you are new to Pokemon Go and considering purchasing an account, you may be wondering all these things and more.  While they are undoubtedly powerful an experienced players will know that Dragonites are prized for their rarity rather than power, and Snorlaxes are loved because they have no special weaknesses but no strengths either.  If this sentence confuses you, then please read on. 

1. Get At Least One Pokemon of Each Type

Pokemon GO is like rock, paper, scissors. Each pokemon has a type e.g. fire, water, normal, dragon, dark, etc. Each of these "types" have advantage over specific others e.g. Water types are strong against Fire types but weak against Electric types.  The beloved Dragonites may not have that many weaknesses in writing, but a lower CP Dark or Fairy Type like Chansey/Gengar can easily beat a good Dragonite. The "Normal"  type is  the only exception, as  neither it's attack nor defense scales against any other type. It is just average, and Snorlaxes are the king of normal. Even then as common sense  dictates, a Fighting type pokemon will beat your average joe aka Normal Pokemon.

Pokemon Go rewards the underdog for winning. If you win against a 1000CP Dragonite with a 900 CP Chansey you win a lot more XP and prestige than fighting with a 1000CP Chansey. So the best way to optimize your XP  and prestige is to always  counter your enemy pokemon's type and use a lower CP pokemon. If  you are going to pay to go into a rock, paper, scissors contest, make sure you buy the rock, the paper AND the scissor. If you are going to spend good money on a pokemon go account, make sure your account has the strongest pokemon of each type. A quick google search  should lead you to some sort of user-made ranking. While these websites are helpful for beginners, you must not discount the value of a good pokemon with high IV (even with low CP) whether or not it is on this list. Note that IV is the combination of a pokemon's health, attack and defense stats and can never be changed. A perfect Pokemon has 15/15/15 HP/ATK/DEF. A high IV pokemon is like an investment for the future. It has the perfect qualities now you only need to raise it up with a few candies to profit.

2. Don't Trust a Seller With Your Recovery Email

Have you ever bought an account and then a week later you cannot access it anymore?   The vast majority of sellers will sell you an account and pretend that recovery email cannot be changed. This may have been true in the first month of Pokemon GO release,  but now as soon as you request an email change your seller can verify that change using the original recovery email. Do not purchase from a seller that does not offer email change. Demand your money back if they refuse to do so post purchase.

3. If the Price is Too Good To be True, It Likely Is

One of the obvious traps to fall for is an unnaturally cheap account being sold by new users with little or no feedback. Beware that these people can and will disappear with your money as well as your account. Sometimes they distribute the same account to multiple people to keep their business going with little or no effort. They know their ebay account will be banned  in the near future, so they put the minimal effort into presenting their product, and often steal other seller's image/description.

4. Avoid Low Quality Resold Accounts

Resellers generally source their accounts from mass levelled low quality accounts at best or is reselling another buyer's property at worst.  In dark corners of the internet low quality accounts sell for pennies. And the reason is that the accounts are levelled at an inhuman pace, and projected to be banned within a few days of sale. Moreover, the resellers never have access to recovery email, so somewhere a shady wholeseller can one day decide to change your password and take back your account. Like scammers, resellers put up their items at rock bottom prices as their primary goal is to offload as many accounts as possible before they are banned.

5. Scritinize Feedback

This one is the most obvious of the list. Avoid purchasing items from sellers whose accounts are newly created and has little or no reviews. Even if an account does have a lot of good reviews, always give it a quick read to spot whether the feedback is authentic
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