Buyers beware of 'HOMEMADE' inferior dvds for sale!

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Buyers beware of 'HOMEMADE' inferior dvds for sale!
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Beware of 'Homemade' inferior dvds for sale.


This guides motive is to protect the buyers best interests and insure satisfaction.

Please beware of the risk of buying sub-standard inferior 'Homemade' dvds, either individually or in box sets.

We only sell authentic, original, quality dvds - birdwatching-bottlenose eBay store

Viewing items on offer frequently, we've noted there are inferior, 'Homemade' dvd items for sale on the internet.

Most times these 'Homemade' dvds obviously infringe owners copyright and are illegal. 

eBay endeavour to close these listings ASAP.

Other times, the seller is offering older movies and material, where the work is claimed to be copyright free. Note - Sometimes a tell tale disclaimer is featured, claiming the material is copyright free.

In any event, the dvds are 'burnt' / the movies copied at home, by amateurs in an amateur enviroment.

Generally, the artwork that comes with these 'homemades' is printed at home and obviously amateur too.

When viewing items on offer, take care when looking at the artwork - often only black and white - the sub-standard quality gives an idea of what the buyer is - and indeed isn't getting.

Note - Often the spelling is very poor on the listing page - perhaps an indicator of what the buyer will be getting.

Such goods can be a great dissapointment to the buyer, especially when they are purchased to give as a gift, on delivery the buyer might find they are obviously amateur - some might say '' cheap and nasty. ''

So, please do buy authentic, quality dvds & dvd box sets, to insure 100% satisfaction and trouble free entertainment.

Especially when you can buy the 'Real Deal' - quality original items, for similar and better prices,

Surely this is the 'Best Deal'.

Responsible eBay sellers want buyers to return and buy again and again, that is why we offer this information, to help protect the buyer - wanting you to be satisfied.

Please do visit our eBay store to view examples of 100% original, quality dvds and dvd box sets.

We only sell the REAL DEAL which is for sure THE BEST DEAL.

birdwatching-bottlenose eBay store

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