Buying A Second Hand Beginners Electric Guitar - A Few Tips

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1960's Egmond Electric Guitar
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1960's Egmond Electric Guitar

Questions to ask ..

1) How good is the action?
The action is the distance the strings are from the fretboard. A high action means the strings will be hard to press down when forming chords, or single notes. A low action is ideal for a beginner guitarist.
2) Has the guitar been recently restrung and set up?
New strings enable a bright and cheery sound from the guitar. Helps the beginner guitarist define notes and chords more easily. A recent set up will mean the guitar has been serviced and ready to play and any playability issues should have been sorted out.
3) Are there any major knocks or structural faults ?
For example .... Has there been a neck or headstock repair. If so, do the repairs come with a warranty. If a guitar has suffered such damage, to be on the safe side it is probably best to avoid purchase as a beginner guitarist.
4) Are there any electrical faults?
Faults such as pickups or switches not working or working properly. These issues are relatively easy and inexpensive for a repairman to sort out, however an entry level electric guitar typically may only cost £40 - £50 ... The same as the repair man's bill!
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