Buying Boxed Items

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Routine Checks

So, you've just spotted that game, album, boxset or movie you've been looking for. It's cheap, and you're ready to buy. Before you go ahead with a bid or buy it now, just do a few routine checks. Why? Boxed items are known for eBay scammers to sell. This is because they can post pictures of the box, but not the disc itself.
Check 1:
This really applies to any item on eBay, but check the seller's profile before buying. Do they have a good seller rating (Above 95%), what are their feedback comments like? This can save you from buying from someone who dispatches slowly, doesn't complete transactions, or doesn't actually own the item at all.
Check 2:
Once you've verified that the seller is reliable, check the images of the item. Do they show the disc? The chances are, they either just forgot to take an image or don't realize that it's important. However, they can just be selling an empty box, a copied disc, or another disc in a different box. They way to go about this is to message the seller. Ask them politely if they could provide you with an image of the disc. Any reputable seller should understand the concern and be happy to put your mind at rest.
Check 3:
Does the image they sent you comply with the images they have already listed the item with. The ways you can look for this is any background objects, similar image quality and aspect ratio, and lighting. If all the original photos are taken with a low quality camera in bad lighting, and the picture of the disc is in full HD with perfect lighting, then chances are the seller has sourced that image from somewhere else. Do not continue with the transaction.
If it looks to good to be true, it's probably not true. Get used to going through these simple steps for a reliable and pleasant buying experience!
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