Buying Concert and Event Tickets from EBay

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EBay has provided us with another avenue in which we can provide competitively priced tickets for concerts, events and festivals throughout the United Kingdom...

At Northern Tickets Ltd we appreciate and fully understand peoples concerns about buying such items from EBay, however we offer the full support and backup of a full time registered company who operate full time in such a consumer high-risk environment... Do you ensure this is the case before parting with your money? Our simple advice is ASK QUESTIONS before buying!


We offer RETURNS on all our items should the event be cancelled or postponed - and operate what we believe to be the only REWARD SCHEME on EBay for repeat purchasers of concert, event and festival customers; with the maximum potential achievable discount in one calendar year currently sitting at 24% for three EBayers...

Ticket sellers vary in size and quality - some good some bad. All we ask is that all EBayers REMEMBER and look for the following:

1) Get emailed acceptance from any seller; be them the promoter or re-seller, that RETURNS are acceptable

2) ENSURE that the tickets are indeed allocated to them (the seller)

3) ALWAYS pay for your tickets via PAYPAL. This provides you with essential cover and insurance should your trade go wrong. As the auction seller, we don't necessarily always agree with Paypal decisions in the case of compaint - however as a buyer you will never be disappointed!

4) NEVER pay for a ticket more than 60 days in advance - remember what we said about Paypal. The cover and rights that Paypal afford to you only lasts for a limited time, so buying tickets for an event next Summer at Christmas time is not the way to do it! HONEST, TRUE AND REASONABLE sellers understand this and may operate a deposit system - once again, what's the harm in asking the seller the question before buying!

5) KEEP IN TOUCH with the seller as often as YOU like... A decent EBayer will be happy to receive regular correspondance from their customers - after all it's all about building relationships and repeat (...and happy) EBayers makes good business sense!!

6) MEET THE SELLER - We are present at most of the concerts and festivals that we sell tickets to. It costs us LOTS of money to be on site, but we feel that actually being there and meeting our customers offers a confidence in our services that is rare in our business. Putting a face to the name is sometimes PRICELESS.

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