Buying Crystals on the internet

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Purchasing a crystal

When I first started out my interest in crystals, on many occasions the crystal that I would buy from the internet would look nothing like the crystal in the packages. You get the parcel on your doorstep, full of anticipation you take the paper off,,, but where is the crystal ? oh there it is hidden in the crease of the envelope as its so tiny !! You are not alone if this has happened to you, it has happened to me many times. Check the description firstly as some pictures can make the crystal appear to be very big. Does it give indication of size ?? If not contact the seller.
Secondly picking the crystal what you need. Many of us me included do not have the good fortune of having a crystal shop close by, we have to buy from the internet.  So your on the internet clicking away at crystals something comes up and you have to take a second look, its as if this crystal is saying  BUY ME. Are you drawn to this crystal ?? sometimes crystals might not look how you would imagine your perfect crystal to look, but the crystals what attract us do so for a reason. Check out the meaning of that particular crystal if you are drawn to it more times than not it will be exactly what you need at that time. 
Thirdly you get your crystal, it is perfect, brand new crystal just for you.... only its not actually brand new, crystals are picked from the earth and are handled multiple times as they go along the process of being cleansed, shaped and shipped from the mines, sent out to the sellers etc there are quite a few opportunities for these crystals to encounter negative vibrational frequencies. So cleanse and clear your crystal ready to be programmed by you. running water should do it but I would use sage just to be sure. 
Thank you for reading,
I wish you all a magical journey in this life


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