Buying Designer Handbags Guide

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Hi ladies. Looking through eBay I was absolutely appaled by the amount of fake designer handbags claiming to be 100% AUTHENTIC and OMG selling for hundreds of pounds.I just felt I have to speak out as I'm a person who knows a thing or two about designer bags.I'm an absolute handbag obsessive so recently I decided to clear out my wardrobe full of LV,Balenciaga,Gucci handbags.I never listed things like that on eBay before and for research reasons I started looking into this category on eBay.What I stumbled across was atrocious (!!!) Louis Vuitton,Balenciaga bags selling for £99.99 with plastic wrapping and fake authenticity cards (!!!) I just really want to give you some tips on how to spot a fake but mostly I'd advise to trust your instinct,use common sense and if you have a chance pop into closest LV etc store to have a look at desirable bag.If it comes to LV bags always(!!!) go to and compare the item some of the styles like Cherry Blossom,Murakami & Marc Jacobs for LV or limited addition ones including Dentelle Lace style are impossible to check that way so be very careful (I'd suggest to buy a PRE-OWNED one in these styles cause all the NEW listed ones are more likely to be a FAKE).First thing to have to check is the logo pattern there is a special way they make the bags so every single LV logo is on show and anally symmetrical and the pattern is never broken.The logo will NEVER be half cut in the middle of the bag (they usually half them at the bottom exactly matching the opposite side) or sew handles,pockets breaking the pattern also (!!!)Monogram Canvas is usually light brown not dark brown and it's not a shiny type of leather.If you buy a Damier Canvas bag always compare to original and count the squares and compare the exact position of Louis Vuitton logo in one of the squares.Damier Canvas is like a chess board so if you spot some of the squares out of place you know what that means don't you.Brown Damier canvas bag has red lining the light one has cream one and red finishing on the handles.Threads on LV bags are usually yellow and new handles are pale cream they go dark with time so if you are opting for a pre-owned bag don't be put off because of that,it's a natural thing with LV bags.To conclude this I'd say do your homework check online stores the likes of eLuxury,Neiman Marcus for the original descriptions and pictures.Always ask as many questions as possible,ask for additional pictures,remember designer bags don't come wrapped in PLASTIC (especially handles) that's the way they do it in China.Everything that I said can be applied to Balenciaga/Gucci/Prada but a couple of tips on Balenciaga won't hurt.Always look at the leather it is usually cracked and vintage looking NEVER SHINY (!!!)Balenciaga bags have Lampo zips and aged brass studs but it can vary from season to season.Some of them have silver number plate inside some are imprinted on leather saying BALENCIAGA.PARIS. with the number on the back of it.I'd post some pictures like FAKE examples and authentic ones.If you have any questions whatsoever or you want to buy and not sure do not hesitate to contact me.I sold a few LV items,Balenciaga,Prada etc from my own collection recently and I know how hesitant people can be about the bag.I'll write about CHANEL bags in the future as I used to work in CHANEL on Bond Street in London I know how to spot a fake in that department :)Just to make sure I pointed out everything I wanted to say my tips are here : 1.Always (!!!) do your homework,surf online stores,go to boutique yourself 2.Remember,designer bags don't come wrapped in PLASTIC 3.Always pay attention at the leather quality 4.The lower the price the most likely you are getting a fake 5.Remember,IF THEY CAN FAKE A BAG THEY CAN FAKE AUTHENTICITY CARDS,DUST BAGS ETC (!!!) Beware (!!!) 6.Never trust seller who earned his positive feedback selling identical items like LV bags for example 7.Check country of origin 8.Read guides,ask me questions and never forget those poor Chinese children slaving for £1 a day to produce a counterfeited bag for some disgraceful individual to flog it on eBay as 100% AUTHENTIC for hundreds of £££ 9.If you bought a FAKE don't be afraid to demand your money back and expose the seller to eBay. Happy buying,peace,love,no to child labour,no to supporting counterfeit goods industry(!!!) Yours truly, A xoxo
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