Buying Guide for Screws on eBay

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Buying Guide for Screws on eBay

Almost all man-made structures, such as furniture, machines, and buildings have screws to keep them intact. Therefore, it is quite plain to see that screws are an essential component of any industrial and construction project. Even homeowners might use screws either to build a simple bookshelf or to repair a piece of furniture. Although screws seem to be very simple items, there are actually many types of screws for different jobs. Therefore, it is important for users to choose the right kind of screw to ensure their structure remains sturdy for a long time.

Before buying screws for any kind of work, buyers should first know about the types of screws available on the market and what they are used for. Many users tend to just grab any screw they can find in their toolbox but this can spell disaster for their structures. eBay has a large selection of screws to choose from, so it can be very helpful to know how to find the right screws on eBay.

How to Choose the Right Screws for a Project

Before choosing the right screws for a project, one should first know what are the kinds of screws available and their purposes. There are many kinds of screw heads including the round, pan, flat shaped, and more. Although the shape of a screw head does not matter much to many buyers, it can be handy to know the different shapes available and their characteristics. Besides, using a certain screw shape may make a structure look nice and make the screws easier to remove or replace.

Screw Head Shape



Head is rounded and often settles above the secured surface


Head is flatter than a round head but thicker at the edges; has more surface area for a screwdriver to grip onto


Often found on wood screws; enables the screw to be embedded into the surface


Common on wood screws; instead of being embedded in the wood, the head protrudes above the surface as a decoration

Besides choosing the head shape of a screw, users should know the various types of screws for different surfaces. Each type of screw is suitable to hold on to different kinds of materials such as wood, sheet metal, and even hard masonry. Therefore, users should first consider the materials they need when they purchase a set of screws.

Wood Screws

Wood screws, also known as flatheads because of the shape of their head, are usually used on wood, but are made of metal. A wood screw often has an unthreaded shank, which is the portion of the screw just below the screw head, with a quarter of the screw usually unthreaded. This shank enables the screw to be flush or flat to the upper surface of the wood. A wood screw is also countersunk below the wood's surface to give it a clean look. There are other types of wood screws, such as the roundhead screw, which is suitable if one wants to attach thin objects such as a wall switch plate to a wooden surface. There are also many wood screws that have a tapered shape from the head to the tip.

Sheet Metal Screws

A sheet metal screw, like its name suggests, is commonly used to secure thin metal objects. Compared to a wood screw, which often has an unthreaded shank, a sheet metal screw is fully threaded. This screw does not have a tapered shape, and therefore has the same diameter along its entire length. This shape makes it able to grip tightly into the surface it is used on. The extra grip this screw provides makes it a very popular choice with any kind of job, even for woodwork. Even though one can use sheet metal screws on wood, wood screws are not suitable to grip other hard surfaces, such as metal.

Drywall Screws

Drywall screws are designed to secure drywall to wood or to metal studs. These screws are also very popular since they are versatile and strong. The strength of this type of screw means that users can easily drive a drywall screw in with a drill. Compared to a wood screw, a drywall screw has a more curvy head-to-shaft junction to prevent the screw from damaging the drywall when driven into it.

Masonry and Other Screws

A masonry screw works well with hard materials such as concrete or brick. Users often need to predrill a hole for masonry screws since it is difficult for the screws to penetrate a hard surface by themselves. This can be done with a masonry drill bit. Besides the masonry screw, there are other heavy-duty screws such as the lag screws. These screws are used to attach hinges to gates and for other construction work. Compared to other screws, which are on the smaller size, heavy-duty screws can be as long as 30 cm.

Choosing Suitable Screws for a Project on eBay

When finding screws on eBay for their project, buyers should first consider what they are going to use the screws for. If they are only going to be working on wood, they can choose to get a pack of wood screws. They should also consider whether they want a flat, round, or oval headed screw. Drywall and sheet metal screws are more versatile than wood screws so buyers can use them for wood projects as well. However, wood screws may not be very suitable to use on materials other than wood.

Depending on the scale of the project, buyers can decide how many screws they want to buy. eBay sells screws in various pack sizes from 10 to even 500 screws per pack. Those who plan to use more screws in the future can always buy a bigger pack to have some extra screws on hand. However, it may not be practical to buy too many screws if one does not frequently use them. Some screws also rust over time when not stored properly. To prevent this, buyers can choose stainless steel screws if they plan to buy them in bulk for storage since stainless steel ones are resistant to rust.

How to Search for Screws on a eBay

Buying screws on eBay is quite straightforward as one can just use eBay's search function to search for any type of screw that they need. Buyers can do this by typing the appropriate keyword into the search bar on eBay. Besides just searching for 'screws', it is also possible for buyers to specify the type, pack size, and length or width of the screws. When looking through the listings of screws on eBay, it is crucial for buyers to read the provided information carefully before selecting a particular screw. Screws are often listed with detailed information describing their material, size, and shape to help consumers choose the right pack of screws. After purchasing their chosen screws, if they are registered eBay users, buyers can track their purchase, and also save the seller in their account if they want to visit the seller's eBay shop again.

Buying Screws on eBay

To find the screws that you want on eBay, you can use the search bar on the eBay home page to lookup any keyword. You can just type in 'stainless steel screws' or 'wood screws'. eBay then presents you with a list of related products, which you can go through. Make sure you read the information provided before selecting a product to avoid selecting the wrong pack of screws. Also read the price and delivery fee of the screws to find ones that are within your budget. Since screws usually come in small and light packages, many sellers do not charge for delivery.

After selecting the screws that you want, you are able to see all the available information regarding the product including its full description, delivery time, return policy, and also payment method. Some sellers allow you to select the dimensions and pack size of the screws on the product page itself. After making your selection, make sure you go through all the details again and that you are satisfied. If there are no problems, you can proceed to make your purchase.


Screws are a very important component in any construction work, be it a construction to make a building or just a coffee table. There are screws of various shapes available and each screw shape gives a different character to a screw. Common shapes are flat, round, pan, oval, and more. Flat headed screws are often wood screws since they can be driven into the screws and remain flush with the wood surface. The heads of round, pan, and oval headed screws usually remain above the surface that they are secured to.

When choosing screws on eBay, buyers should first consider the work that they need the screws for. For instance, masonry screws are suitable for masonry work such as fixing a shelf to a brick wall, or when hard surfaces, such as concrete walls, are involved. Buying screws on eBay is a simple and safe process if one knows how to search for the screws that they want and reads all the important information provided about the product.

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