Buying Guide to Mylar for Hydroponics

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Buying Guide to Mylar for Hydroponics

When you are looking for a new way to grow plants, vegetables, and other food sources, try hydroponics for a soil-free method using water as your primary plant base. Growing a hydroponic garden can be quite educational, but it also presents a host of challenges. One challenge is getting enough light into your garden, but Mylar material can help take care of this problem. Knowing how to use the Mylar correctly in your hydroponic garden helps ensure optimum growth.


Plant Growth and Light

Your hydroponic garden is not your typical outdoor garden in a front or backyard. Instead, you use a grow room, but you must outfit your grow room correctly and Mylar is one of the most important elements for creating a place where flora and fauna thrive. If you are growing your hydroponic garden in a greenhouse, then your plants receive sunlight throughout the day. However, if your grow house or grow room has opaque walls, your light comes from grow lights. Plants need either real or artificial sunlight to live, as the light is what triggers photosynthesis and feeds the plants oxygen.


Mylar and Light

Mylar is a reflective material that can line the walls of your grow room or grow house. Yes, this is the same material used for festive helium balloons. The Mylar helps disperse the artificial light to all plants in your hydroponic garden, which then increases growth in general. Direct sunlight or artificial light can be harmful to plants, but Mylar takes care of this problem by spreading the light out.


Using Mylar in Your Hydroponic Garden

You can purchase Mylar in either sheets or rolls and then staple individual pieces around the walls of your grow area. You can find different Mylar thicknesses, depending on the amount of light you need enhanced or reflected. Many Mylar sheets and rolls come attached to a plastic sheet. Simply peel the sheets off and cut with a knife or scissors to make sure you have the right size. You can find rolls in a variety of sizes, as well, depending on how much Mylar you need and how large you need each individual sheet to be. Diamond Mylar, which has a diamond-like texture, enhances light even more.


Myla for Small Hydroponic Growth

If you live in an apartment or small home, you may not have room for a grow house or separate growing room. However, you may still want to grow plants using hydroponics. You can do so in grow boxes. Even a cardboard box with a small grow light does the trick. Mylar comes in handy with these small projects, as well. Simply line the box with reflective Mylar and allow it to disperse the light from the one small lamp placed in the box.

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