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First rule of brewing is cleanliness to the highest standed.


What Beer Needs.

1. Water, Hard for bitter,light ale,I.P.A. Soft for stout mild brown ale barley wine larger.

To soften water add half teaspoonof salt per gallon, to harden add 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of Epson salt.


2. Yeast, Use a good yeast, one for the type of beer brewed. Top fermenter for beers and bottom fermenter for lagar.

Store yeast in the fridge as it lasts longer.


3. Malt, Buy the best malt you can afford.


4. Sugar, Use white sugar normally or brown sugar,syrup or honey if you want to change the flavor body of feel,

What ever you add deduct the same amount from your malt extract, Keep the ratio no more than 1/2 till you`ve tried the finished beer.


5. Hops, In alot of kits hops is included but adding additional hop at the end fo frement (DRY HOPPING) will add more bouquet and bitterness adjust to taste.

Goldings and fuggles, challenger, northdown for beers and stout, hallertua, saaz or styrian for more flavor to lager.


6. Lemon juice, One teaspoon to 1gallon helps fermentationin light ales and lagers,

Add more to taste before bottling if you like a sharper larger.


7. Temperature, Try and keep it even at 65-75deg C, Never any higher or you will kill the yeast or boil off the bouquet. Lager Can be colder.



Sour or Flat is usually caused by unclean barrel or bottle.

Test your seals with a soap mix. wash out sterlizing solution properly cause if you can still smells it aint washed out.

Cloudiness can be due to the beer being stored at a too low temp and causing proteins to come out of the solution. Bring the brew up to room temp.




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