Buying 'How I Met Your Mother' DVDs and merchandise

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Are you searching for a new sitcom to fill the gap in your life where Friends used to go? Or maybe looking for a gift for a friend you know is a fan of comedy? With nine Emmy awards under its belt, don’t miss out on How I Met Your Mother, the comedy that knows how to tug on your heartstrings. Follow our guide to find the perfect gift for the newcomer or the biggest fan.

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What to consider when buying
Viewing formats
Cast of characters
Series highlights

What to consider when buying
Of course, any true fan is going to want the DVD box sets, and there are eight seasons to pick up for anyone missing any in their collection, with another in progress. Or consider a compilation of all the series in a single box set, which would make for a fabulous gift.


The How I Met Your Mother series is classified as 15 years and older for viewing purposes.
DVDs released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; series shown on CBS in the US.
Check the region classification of the DVD you are buying; some are suitable for Europe and some for the US only regions.



Any combination of series can be bought individually or grouped together, along with series 1-8 as a complete box set, which was released on September 30, 2013. According to the Radio Times, an alternative ending will be featured on the last series when it is released on DVD.
The compilation of all series contains over 65 hours of content, including bloopers, deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes documentaries.


The box sets of How I Met Your Mother are also available on Blu-Ray, if you’re looking to upgrade yours or a friend’s collection to HD.

Other networks

The series is also available on Netflix and clips can be seen on YouTube and the CBS website. 


Being a small phenomenon over in the United States, there’s an entire mountain of merchandise to go alongside the series. One example that will make any fan happy is the Bro Code, a book “written” by the character Barney Stinson that dictates how someone lives to be the “perfect bro” (there’s even a specific Bro Code for Parents, so you can raise the perfect bro too). If it’s Barney himself you can’t get enough of then don’t forget to pick up the impeccably-dressed Barney Stinson Bobblehead so you can have a bro with you at all times.
The team behind the clothing have as much of a sense of humour as the show itself, sometimes releasing pieces straight from the series, such as the feared ducky tie that Marshall challenges fashion-conscious Barney to wear for an entire year. Any fan of the show would love a t-shirt based on Slapsgiving and the slap bet, one of the most celebrated plotlines of the show. For those looking for something a little more subtle, but still iconic, why not consider purchasing the yellow umbrella that the fabled mother herself carries, something instantly recognisable between fans.

The cast of characters

You might have heard of the show before and seen the DVDs but who exactly are the players in this story? Here’s some information for the uninitiated.


Ted (played by Josh Radnor) is a lovesick architect in the greatest city of the world: after multiple flings, girlfriends and fizzled-out old flame he’s fed up of “playing the game” and just wants to settle down with his perfect girl. Robin Sherbatsky (played by Cobie Smulders) finds herself moving to New York to pursue a career in TV journalism – an endless source of humour for the gang when she winds up on a new show so early that only drunk students watch.


Barney Stinson (play by Neil Patrick-Harris) is almost the exact opposite of Ted, forging his lifestyle and his impeccable wardrobe to conquer every last woman he can find. The perfect bachelor, he’s always insisting Ted “suits up” so he can have a night that’s “ legen-- wait for it... dary!” Marshall Eriksen (played by Jason Segal) and Lily Aldrin (played by Alyson Hannigan) look like the perfect couple, spontaneously bursting into song and cute nicknames (among other things). As the show goes on you see just how far they’re willing to go for each other and tackle the problems every couple faces, such as breaking into a school prom to scout the band for their wedding.

Series highlights

During the meandering story you can look forward to spotting the dopplegangers of each character in season five; Marshall and Lily’s powder keg of a wedding in season two; and the agonising love triangle between Barney, Robin and Ted that reaches fever pitch in season seven. Whether you’re laughing or crying, it’s never too late to get into How I Met Your Mother, one of the modern television classics of our time.
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