Buying LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement Parts for Your Phone

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Why You Need to Buy LCD Screen and Digitizer Replacement Parts for Repairing Your Smartphone

The development of high end smartphones over recent years has enabled the world of mobile phone technology to take a huge leap forward. However such progress has not been without its drawbacks. And one of these has certainly been the cost of mobile phone repairs. Thanks to the introduction of touch screen technology on today's average smartphone, the cost of replacing a scratched or broken screen is now more expensive than ever, which is why it is becoming more and more necessary to buy LCD Screen and Digitizer Replacement Parts for DIY repairs.

The Benefits of Buying LCD Screen and Digitizer Replacement Parts for Repairing a Smartphone

In most cases a cracked or scratched phone will not be covered under the warranty of the handset and therefore it is up to the owner to get the repair done themselves. And by buying LCD screen and digitizer replacement parts for repairing a smartphone it is possible to exploit many potential benefits.


The overwhelming advantage of buying LCD screen and digitizer replacement parts for repairing a smartphone is definitely the cost. The parts required to effect such a repair can cost very little, and with some time, patience and a bit of knowledge it is possible to make smartphones as good as new without breaking the bank. Furthermore, if a screen has broken once, then it is likely the same thing is going to happen again. However, by being confident that a low cost repair can be made, the user does not have to worry about treating the phone differently; just make sure the spare parts are to hand.


When a screen is damaged it is highly likely that most of the functionality of the phone is lost. And this is incredibly frustrating, especially if repair shops are closed or there is simply not the time to get to the relevant location during standard working hours. However a DIY repair can take less than an hour so that the phone is back up and running and available in a much shorter time.


When taking a phone to a repair shop, it is never certain what type of replacement part will be used unless it is specifically guaranteed. And sometimes, the quality of the part required is not on offer. However by choosing an LCD screen and digitizer personally and repairing it at home, it is possible to be more certain about the quality of the product used and therefore the end result achieved.

How to Choose the Correct LCD Screen and Digitizer Replacement Parts for a Mobile Phone

Buy a Combined LCD Screen and Digitizer

The most important piece of advice to remember when replacing a cracked or broken LCD screen on a mobile phone is that the best results will always be achieved by buying a combined LCD Screen and Digitizer unit. Though it may be possible to buy a glass screen separately, the manufacturers of most mobile models of smartphone have now stuck the screen on to the LCD equipment to ensure there is no risk of dust getting in between the two units. However, by doing this, it has meant that it is incredibly difficult to replace the glass panel alone within a DIY repair. Such screens are available for purchase considerably cheaper that the entire unit, however if it does not provide the necessary functionality within the phone, the expense laid out can be simply a waste of cash.

Ensure Compatibility

Though two models of the same smartphone may look the same, slight differences in design or technology between them and even between versions of the same model make the LCD screens and digitizers required to repair each phone very different. Always choose LCD screen and digitizer replacement parts that have been specifically manufactured for the make, the model and the version of phone that needs repair. This should be specified within the description of the product and no replacement parts should be purchased if they do not hold this information, unless there is a specific reason for doing so.

Remember the Mobile Phone Repair Tools

When replacing any LCD screen and digitizer, specialist tools are required to ensure a perfect fix. And, though essential, such equipment does not have to cost very much. Many LCD screen and digitizer replacement parts will actually come with the tools required to complete the job while others can be purchased separately. Before starting any repair make sure all the correct tools are to hand. This will make the replacement quicker, easier and far more effective.

Types of LCD Screen and Digitizer Replacement Parts for Repairing a Smartphone

There are many different choices available when buying LCD screen and digitizer replacement parts for repairing a smartphone which will not only affect the price of the overall repair, but can also impact on the quality of the end result.

New Branded Replacement Parts

When carrying out any type of mobile phone repair it is usual for the manufacturer of the handset to recommend that only new, branded replacement parts are used. The reason provided is traditionally because such parts will provide a higher quality end result. However new branded products are also usually the most expensive type of replacement part and sometimes a compromise has to be made.

New Generic Replacement Parts

As the use of smartphones becomes more prolific, the number of manufacturers providing generic replacement parts for DIY repair is also expanding. And though the quality of such products can vary greatly, so too can the price. Generic replacement parts can be significantly less than their branded counterparts and still achieve the same end result. When choosing the generic alternative, always try to buy from a trusted supplier and ensure that the product chosen has been specifically manufactured for the exact make, model and version of phone that requires repair.

Used Replacement Parts for repairing a Broken Screen

If a branded part is required but a new screen is simply too expensive, then salvaging a used LCD screen and digitizer from an old phone can be a valid alternative. Even if the phone itself is not working, as long as the screen and digitizer are fully functional, this can be a much more cost efficient way of buying branded products to repair a phone.

Points to Consider when Using LCD Screen and Digitizer Replacement Parts for Repairing a Smartphone

Where to Start

When removing any screen from a smartphone, it is essential to know where the screen connects to the phone itself so that no wires are damaged in the process. In terms of the iPhone, the LCD connector is currently placed right at the top of the phone and therefore all screens should be lifted from the bottom. However it is worth researching each make and model before starting to ensure no damage is done.

Concentrate on the Cleaning

Though cleaning is never much fun, the time spent removing old glue from a smartphone after taking off a damaged screen can reap huge rewards. Spend a couple of minutes checking all elements of the phone are clear of residual glue, especially around any buttons or on the casing of the handset. Leaving even the smallest element of glue on the product will stop the new adhesive sticking effectively and will therefore make a less perfect repair. However, just by investing a few extra minutes at this stage it is possible to affect the overall result significantly.

Salvage the Parts

When buying any LCD screen and digitizer to repair a smartphone, it is unlikely that it will come with the clips and buttons that sit within it. Therefore it is essential when removing the broken screen that all loose parts are salvaged and kept carefully so that they can be used in conjunction with the new part.

Where to find LCD Screen and Digitizer Replacement Parts for Repairing Smartphones on eBay

LCD screens and digitizer replacement parts for repairing a wide variety of smartphones can be found on eBay within the Replacement Parts & Tools section. From the home page, select the Electronics & Technology category and choose the Mobile Phones & Communication section. 'Replacement Parts & Tools' is then an option within this page. To find a broken mobile phones to salvage the LCD screen and digitizer for repair, choose the Mobile & Smartphones section within Mobile Phones & Communication category and then opt for parts or not working under the 'Conditions' section. Alternatively, use the search engine on the home page for a more specific search which will provide highly tailored results.


As the average age of the smartphone user continues to fall and the time spent using these handsets continues to rise, it is inevitable that screens are going to get scratched and damaged more often. However by choosing to buy LCD screen and digitizer replacement parts for repairing smartphones, it is possible to find a cost effective solution to this problem so that any slight accident doesn't end up costing the earth.

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