Buying Laptops and Computer Guide

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Hi there

I have been trading on EBay for over 4 years and thought i would share some of my knowledge from buying Laptops and computers.

When buying a laptop there a few things to check.

1. make sure the seller has the correct despcription of the item like Compaq 4400 for instance then have a close look at the picture of there is one then goto google's image section and search for the same laptop. make sure it is the same item.

2. When buying a laptop and the picture is fuzzy or bad quality ask the seller if he can supply a better picture or pictures of the item.

3. If you are going to buy a computer or laptop and the sellers picture is like the one below.


then there might be a good chance that the laptop will not boot up into the operating system, if the seller says there is none installed ask why and if he can install one and take a photo of is in action. More cases or not you might find that the laptop or computer has a fualt and will not get any further or there is a password lock on the bios system.

4. Aslo watch out for seller from Hong Kong or China selling Laptops worth £1200 but they are selling them for £350 these people are ebay scammers, best way to check is to check there feedback and check there feddbacks feedback and see if its a scammers triangle where 3 or 4 maybe several accounts are buying and selling from each other to get there ebay feeback score up to look more genuine.

5. when looking at pictures of laptops the thing to look for is around the bottom of the screen where the hinges are as these are the parts that tend to go 1st as they break, crack or just snap off after time of not looking after them.

Well i hope this might help and hope you have a good ebay adventure.

I will be updating these guides every month so if your interested i can also email you them every month.



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