Buying Parts and Spares for your GSXR

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Just a little bit of advice on the subject of buying spares for your GSXR. This concerns bikes made between 2000 and 2008.

I see many descriptions that state the part description and say GSXR 1000 K1 K2. There are a large number of parts that are compatible between different models and different years and some sell for loads of money whilst the same part for an older or younger or smaller bike can sell for half. The opposite is also true. Some people advertise with incompatible bikes against a part ie. GSXR1000 K1 Air box, may fit 600 & 750. The Airbox for the GSXR1000 K1 & K2 is specific to those models. Basically the advise is to do your homework. If you want some calipers for example, check which models and years may have compatible calipers with yours to widen your choice.

Example. I have a GSXR1000K1 frame with a GSXR1000 K4 engine, loom etc. a GSXR1000K6 set of forks and yokes, GSXR750 K6/K7 calipers and GSXR1000 K3/K4 discs. The swing arm is GSXR1000 K3/K4 as are the wheels and rear brake caliper and bracket. None of these items need modification to fit. Here are a few useful compatible items :-

Yokes :- GSXR1000 K1 to K6 yokes are all compatible either way with the frames and the forks. The only difference being slightly different geometry which you won't notice and for the K5/K6 the ignition attachment is different. (the earlier ignitions need heavy mods to fit them but it is possible).

Forks & brakes :-

GSXR 1000 K1/K2 use six pot, non radial calipers and 320mm discs. No other calipers will fit.

GSXR 1000 K3/K4 forks use the gold 4 pot calipers and 300mm discs. Various Calipers will fit from the 600 and 750 (Black) as well as the intended gold calipers.

GSXR 1000 K5/K6 forks use black 4 pot calipers with bosses on the forks and 310mm discs. The 310mm discs are specific to this model. earlier models are not compatible. 600 and 750 K6/K7 calipers can be used if 1000 K3/K4 discs are fitted. (Useful upgrade if fitting 1000 ford and yokes to a 600 or 750).

The spindle is compatible from K1 to K4.  The K5/K6 spindle is different and a second spacer is also fitted.

Brake hoses are compatible across all the models. Master cylinders are compatible across all 4 pot calipers. The 1000 K1/K2 has six pot and hence the master cylinder will not work well with the 4 pot calipers.

Clip ons are compatible for all 1000cc model forks. basically the yokes, forks and clip-ons must match due to the differing diameters of the forks. i.e. All 1000cc forks (K1 to K6) are 50mm dia at the top yoke and 54mm dia at the bottom yoke.  

Wheels :-

600 and 750 rear wheels are designed for the 180 section tyre (5.5" rim) and 1000 rear wheels are designed for the 190 section rear tyre (6" rim). Front wheels are all 120 section tyre. All the spindle diameters are the same but there is a difference in the disc bolt pitch circle diamter on the 1000 K5/K6 wheels. The 310mm dia discs only fit these wheels so if you want a 1000k6 front end on your K1 you will need the wheel as well.

I would advise you never to buy a damaged wheel. They do come up quite often but aluminium alloy fatigues very easily so even if the wheel can be straightened by heating the alloy to anneal it (soften) and then cold working, the wheel will be weaker. If it is done properly it will out weigh the cost of buying a good wheel on ebay. Also, don't trust second hand bearings on superbikes !!!!!

Ebay is a great source of second hand tyres for you wheels. Do not buy track tyres for use on the road though. ie racetec tyres. Unless you ride like the ghost rider you will never get them warm and hence you will get poor grip on the road. A lot of track day/race tyres need to be at 70 degrees C or more before they reach full grip. Also, if race tyres have seen too many heat cycles they will be dangerous to use as the rubber will be damaged.

You can research compatibility on the internet. One useful way is to get parts diagrams/microfiche images of the parts you want for various models of bike and see if they are the same part number or even if they look similar. You may need to take a risk on occasions but if you get a good bargain then you can always resell the items on ebay again (maybe at a profit). I will try to provide more information soon if people seem interested in this. Please also be aware this information is to be used at your own risk (I may be wrong although I have tried everything I have taked about). I sometimes pop down the local suzuki dealer and look for compatible parts between models on the second hand bikes.


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