Buying Powertools

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Looking to buy powertools. Some basic things to look out for when considering a purchase

  1. Quality
  2. Description
  3. Price
  4. Location
  5. Brands

1.Powertools these days come from hundred of manufacturers all providing some top of the range high power tools. With ridiculous motor power. Careful as some of these are built poorely and with a few uses the tools burn out. They are some cheaper brands that will provide you with good use throughout its tool life dont get me wrong. Though buying a well branded tool will not only provide excellent performance but great service life of the tool. And on top of that the after sales is great too.

Look out for cheap cordless tools these batteries actually are recycled battery from original branded tools unfortunately then dont tend to hold their charge too long and their charging cycles tend to fail alot. So you would end up charging every 10min.

2. Look out for the description of a tool not only on ebay but elsewhere aswell. Though the tool may seem a cheap price to a competitor however certain things are likely to missed easily by going just on price. Eg Battery Amp Power Lower grade tools with an amp power of 1.2Ah. The batteries are also likely to be Nickel Cadmium which is going to phased out in the next five years due to environmental concerns. The Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are still around and pose no problems.

3. Prices vary with different retailers, check again with the description know what your getting. Eg After sales may not be available if the tool packs up. And if it seems too cheap its likely its stolen. In my time I have across many builders who have been robbed, vans been broken into and also where builders have been offered discount tools on sites.

4. Location is important as certain tools can be fakes which appear quite often. The labels look perfect but are infact fakes. Those cheap tools from abroad may not be what they seem. Theirs a considerable weight difference with professional tools with heavy duty gearboxes and motors. Watch out for chinese fakes.

5. There are so many brands available however physically trying the tool will only give you real deal of how the tool performs best bet is to visit demo days or ask instore for a demonstration of the tool then make up your mind. Majority of the top manufacturers perform excellent and you can hardly tell the difference as technology has moved forward especially with lithium ion batteries. You get electrical performace on a cordless.


Good Luck with your power tool purchases


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