Buying Second Hand Cars..another view!

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Although there are always two sides to a dispute and only the poeple involved really know what happened in this particular dispute, I feel I'd like to point out a few things about second hand car buying. I've bought many second cars and sold a few too (not as a dealer just privately) and I must say that if you go to see a car or any vehicle it is up to you to check it out thouroughly. If you don't kow much about cars..find someone who does to go with you or I believe you can pay for an AA inspection. Essentially a vehicle is 'sold as seen' and a seller can't be held responsible for things going wrong after the is an inevtiable fact that second hand cars especially with high mileage will have things wrong with them..and often the seller won't be aware of it. I sold a van once and the fuel injector pump broke on the drive home..I had no way of anticipating this would had shown no problems before the sale.Of course the way you deal with people is vital-particularly if its your business and being as helpful as possible is the way forward. However with regards to cars..always test drive, find out about the simple checks you can do and ask for a second opinion.


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