Buying Used Motocross Bikes - Check First !!!!!

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Hi All,

Being a motocross fanatic, I have pretty much watched every new motocross bike come out each year since 1980. I have been fortunate enough to manage a dealership and work as a GP mechanic.

I spend at least 30 minutes plus each day watching all the bikes for sale on ebay. One thing I have noticed is that some people just want to either rip people off by selling them a bike with latent defects or a bike that is not the year model advertised in the auction.

In my experience of buying and selling bikes, I have found most dealers very helpfull when it comes to identifying the age of a Motocross Bike. All you need is an engine and frame number. If a specific dealer wont help you with a simple query, chances are he might not be the best person to send your "new" bike to if you ever need work doing to it.

I have challenged more than one person as to age of their motorbike, some have changed / ammended the error and some have told me to mind my own business, you can guess how much joy a bike from that person will give you.

If a seller is uncooperative dont buy from him, the good deal you think are getting will end in tears.

Motocross is a wonderful sport and hobby, but it is also dangerous. If a beginner buys a motocross bike that will fail on them ie throttle sticking, chain snapping at high speed, gearbox seizures. then he or she is bound to get hurt and no amount of money can turn back the time.

I believe it is every one's duty to challenge these "rogue" sellers and let them know that we are not willing to be ripped off by anyone - make ebay the perfect place for your first or next motocross bike.

Have fun out there....

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