Buying Used / Pre-Owned PS3 for the cheapest price!

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Where to buy the cheapest used PS3 games

Many people fall into the trap of buying all there games (used or new) in one place - like here on eBay or another online shop eg Amazon. If you want the the best price you MUST look around - the prices can be vastly different. Here are some sites and examples you must check:
Grainger Games -
A small chain of game shops that sell new and used games and accessories - I have often found them a few pounds cheaper than eBay and Amazon. 
Zavvi -
These very often have offers on - ive bought new games from here cheaper than second hand games!! Free delivery too!
Blockbuster Marketplace -
You can get certain used games from here VERY cheap - I recently bought Michael Jackson Experience for PS3 for £3.19 including delivery!
Obviously check Amazon and eBay too. 
If you want to cheap locally search on google for the game you are after then select the 'shopping' option - you can then select to view the nearest shop to you or the cheapest online price with delivery. Sometimes trade in shops like Cash Converters have offers on and you can view most of the prices and store locations on their website. 
If you find and unknown shop selling the game suspiciously cheap - don't just rush in and buy it - google the shop name and see if you can see any reviews to ensure they are trustworthy. If you  cant find any reviews - try and pay by PayPal so at least you have some protection. Also if you are paying online check the payment screen is secure - the web address should begin HTTPS://  the 's' meaning secure - you may also see a small padlock next to the web address. If you pay by PayPal your payment is automatically secure. 

Hopefully this will save you a few pounds and get you some bargain games!

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