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I have noticed over the last few weeks that there are a lot of Ebayers selling what they say are brand new PAL games for £22.99 delivered to your door. This could not be any further from the truth. These Ebayers are stating that the latest games like Fifa 07 and Gears of War can be bought from this website for £22.99. People are then paying these people anything from £2 upwards for the website link in the hope of purchasing the latest games cheap.

The site does sell games at £22.99 but the games are only those whose publishers chose not to put region protection on (which are few and far between). I bought one of these links and saw that there was 12 games at this price and the newer titles I mentioned earlier are PAL (i.e not region free) and they cost £38+.

This is all well and good if the title you want is region free but what you have to bear in mind and this is the part the Ebayers don't tell you in their decription is that the site is based in the far east. This is where you get stung when you buy the games as the postman or courier won't let you have your goods until you pay the customs and excise duty which could then put the game at the same price or more expensive as if you you had bought the game new/used from your local Tesco/Gamestation etc.

I have bought games/machines from the far east ( - this is not the site they are selling btw) and have first hand experience in having a courier demanding cash for the customs duty and can tell you it's not cheap. Companies abroad don't have the luxury of being able to deeclare their items as gifts on the green stickers and are obliged to write the financial value of the goods.

I am prepared to tell you what the website is that they are selling but I don't encourage anyone to buy from them hence this guide. All I will say is if you want the site email me but bear in mind what I say.

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