Buying Woodworking Items for Large-Scale Building Projects

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Buying Woodworking Items for Large-Scale Building Projects

Woodworking requires a number of tools, especially for large-scale projects. Some of these are standard tools like hammers and tape measures, while others are expensive units like table saws. Power tools for woodworking may be designed to run on electricity, batteries, or compressed air. When working on a large-scale building project, it is important to keep a work area well organised and to store the woodworking items correctly to prevent them from being damaged or lost.

In order to reduce the cost of purchasing woodworking items, buyers may consider used equipment. Power tools in particular can be significantly less expensive as secondhand items and some can be found that are in excellent condition. Consider used and refurbished items to establish a large woodworking tool set on a budget. 

Woodworking items can be purchased from DIY shops and online retailers. Marketplaces like eBay have listings from both private and commercial retailers, and can be used to compare prices and products quickly. Decide which woodworking items are needed for a job, and select items to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and the quality of a project.

Types of Woodworking Items

Dozens of tools can be involved in a woodworking project, from simple items like hammers to bench grinders. Learn more about common woodworking tools to choose the best items for large-scale building projects.

Workbench for Woodworking

One of the most important items to have for a woodworking project is a large, stable workbench. These units can be on casters for easy portability or they may be fixed in place. In either case, the foundation should rest firmly on the ground. Workbenches vary significantly in size. Ultimately, they should fit the amount of space available. For example, avoid choosing a deep bench if the back is pressed against a wall because it may be difficult to reach items at the far side of the bench safely. If space is available, then consider purchasing a double-sided workbench. These allow the user to approach a project from multiple angles without repositioning the materials or to work simultaneously with a colleague.  

Saw Horse for Woodworking

Saw horses are essential items for any large-scale project because they can extend the working surface by supporting materials off the floor. A strong saw horse can support over a hundred kilograms, making them suitable for even heavy-duty work.

Hand Saw for Woodworking

A woodworker is likely to encounter several circumstances in which a power saw is not necessary or is not appropriate for the project. As a result, a collection of good quality hand saws can be a valuable part of a tool collection and can enable delicate cuts. Buy a fretsaw to begin and then purchase additional items as they are required.

Claw Hammer for Woodworking

Like the hand saw, a good quality claw hammer is a simple but essential tool. Look for one that has a strong balance, and avoid waffle heads, as they leave marks on the wood. Wooden handles absorb more of the impact when driving in nails, but are not as durable as steel or fibreglass. 

Clamps for Woodworking

Safety and efficiency in the workshop demands good quality clamps. It is important to have enough on hand for any given task, so consider how many are required, then buy at least a couple of extra items. Clamps for 45 and 90 degree joints are needed, along with pipe clamps for longer distances. 

Spirit Level for Woodworking

A spirit level ensures that structures are even and angles are correct. Spirit levels are made in many different lengths and can be up to 1800 millimetres long.

Moisture Meter for Woodworking

It is important to use wood with the same level of moisture throughout a project to ensure that pieces hold together well. To check this, use a moisture meter. Some of these units have a pin that inserts into the wood, which creates a visible mark. If this is a concern, choose items without a pin. It is also important to find products that can be set for different species of wood.

Bench Grinder for Woodworking

A bench grinder sharpens tools like chisels and removes rough edges from the head of a screwdriver. The time and effort saved by a bench grinder can be significant on a large-scale building project and is well worth the small upfront cost of the machine.

Circular Saw for Woodworking

A circular saw is essential for large jobs, and can make necessary cuts quickly and accurately. Handheld saws are versatile, but are difficult to make long cuts with. For long, straight cuts, use a table saw instead. Look for units that can use a variety of blade sizes in order to handle any thickness of wood.

Corded and Cordless Drills for Woodworking

Power drills are a vital tool for any woodworking project. In many cases, it is useful to have both a corded and cordless drill, as they each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Corded drills are more powerful, and are less expensive. However, they can become hazardous in large work areas with multiple people and need to be in close proximity to an electrical outlet. A cordless drill is more versatile and portable, but can become weak as the battery runs low. 

Tool Storage System for Woodworking

Once buyers have obtained the basic tools and materials for woodworking, they may need a storage system to protect the tools and help to maintain the inventory. A wide variety of tool chests, racks, and boxes are available. Determine the type of storage that is most suitable for the space available and the working style of the project.

Air Tools for Woodworking

Air tools are an alternative to electric and battery-powered models. They have a few advantages. They are lighter and smaller than standard electric tools because they do not have a motor. This also means that they are less expensive. In addition, they can be used in wet conditions without any danger to the user. However, air tools require an air compressor. The hoses that connect the tools are thicker than the cords for electric items. 

Condition of Woodworking Items for Large-Scale Building Projects

Woodworking machines such as drills and saws can be expensive, especially if bought with many other items needed for a project. To save money, buyers may wish to purchase secondhand items. These can be categorised as either used or refurbished. Learn the difference between these two conditions to choose the best items at the lowest prices. 

Used Woodworking Items

Used items may have had repairs at some point, but still have most of their original parts. They may show visible signs of wear such as scrapes, dents, and a faded finish. 

Refurbished Woodworking Items

Power tools wear down over time and are susceptible to factory defects that may cause them to not work as expected. In this case, the unit can be refurbished to return it to a like new condition. Tools can be refurbished by either product's manufacturer or the seller.

Manufacturer Refurbished Items

Manufacturer refurbished items have been restored with the same parts and working procedures as factory new items. They have also been cleaned and often come with a new manual.

Seller Refurbished Items

Seller refurbished items can be restored using any parts and techniques the seller chooses. This makes them less reliable than those refurbished by the manufacturer, although some are still high quality items. 

How to Buy Woodworking Items for Large-Scale Building Projects on eBay

All types of woodworking tools and accessories can be purchased from the sellers on eBay. These items are sold by private and commercial sellers and may be in a new or used condition. The eBay website can be navigated by entering keywords into the search field. The results can be filtered by clicking on the category links. For example, type "circular saw" into the search field to see all items tagged with those keywords.

Item Description

Open the full listing for an item by clicking on its name or image in the search results. You can see information about its price, delivery costs, and the payment methods accepted by the seller. Read the description provided and check for a specification sheet from the manufacturer. Compare this information with available photos to be clear about the specific woodworking item being sold.

Seller Profiles

Take the time to inspect the seller profiles before committing to a purchase. Seller profiles contain average ratings based on key aspects of the seller's performance, such as communication and the accuracy of item description. You can also view comments left by previous buyers. Once you have received your item, return to eBay to leave feedback about your experience.


Woodworking requires many different tools and accessories, especially for large-scale building projects. Items like table saws, handheld circular saws, and power drills can improve accuracy and productivity. It is also important to purchase good quality hand tools. Look for a comfortable claw hammer and select a range of hand saws to tackle the delicate cuts in a project. Accessories like saw horses, clamps, and spirit levels can improve safety and ensure the quality of a project. Keep tools organised, clean, and safe by storing them in cabinets and chests, or on racks and shelves. Buyers on a budget can shop for pre-owned items. These are sold in varying conditions, including used and refurbished.

Marketplaces like eBay have listings of woodworking items for large-scale building projects and can be used to shop for both new and used items. Browse the products available to find the best brands, and choose woodworking tools to improve the efficiency and quality of the next large-scale project. 

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