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Buying a Better TV Remote on eBay

There are several reasons for which one may want to replace their TV remote control with a better model. Whether buyers are looking to replace a damaged or misplaced TV remote, are interested in buying a model with extra features, or simply wish to have a second TV remote, the choice is huge, with hundreds of models being available on eBay.

Users can either choose to replace their TV remote with a better model that does almost the same thing as the old TV remote, or go for a universal remote control that works well with a variety of television models. Other options may include TV remote controls designed specifically for the elderly and all-in-one remote controls that can control other devices besides the TV. Regardless of the type one is looking for, being informed about the characteristics of these devices and the way they work in various situations is helpful for finding a better TV remote on eBay.

What to Look for in a TV Remote

When one starts shopping for a better TV remote on eBay, they should take into account a few factors, perhaps the most important of them being the type of remote. Some people are simply looking for a remote that can control their TV, while others are more interested in a complex device that can provide them with a significant improvement of the TV watching experience.

Replacing a Misplaced TV Remote

If one is looking to buy an exact replacement of a TV remote they misplaced or damaged, they should know the model number or at least the brand before starting browsing for a new TV remote on eBay. The model number can usually be found in the manual that came with the TV set or the old TV remote, if it was purchased separately from the TV set. In case this is missing too, the user may contact the manufacturer or check the manufacturer’s official website in order to find out the model they should be looking for.

Upgrading to a Better TV Remote

Another option is to upgrade to a better TV remote that does more than merely allowing you to change the TV programmes and turn the volume up and down. TV remotes are available in various models with a range of various features that can make one’s life easier when it comes to home entertainment. One of the most popular choices with buyers of all ages is a universal TV remote.

When shopping for a new TV remote, buyers should be willing to spend money on a high-quality product in order to take advantage of all the extra features that set the new TV remote apart from the old one. Comparing the various features of different models is a good way to make sure the characteristics and technical specifications of the new remote are compatible with one’s needs.

Choosing the Shape of a TV Remote

The vast majority of TV remotes have a long, pointed, and thin shape and it may be difficult to picture a remote with a different design. However, there are several styles of TV remotes that bring innovation in this field by replacing the classic shape with unexpected ones. For instance, buyers can choose to buy a TV remote that can sit in the palm of the hand. One of the remotes with this shape is the GlideTV Navigator, which comes with a clickable touchpad and one-thumb scrolling, combining the functionality of a traditional TV remote with that of a mouse and keyboard.

Another option for those who do not want to settle for a traditional TV remote is the magic wand TV remote, which features absolutely no buttons and is able to learn a number of commands, including basic ones such as volume control or changing the channel. Users can thus control their TV with simple gestures. This kind of TV remote is compatible with multiple devices, including iPod docks and home cinema equipment. The wand is a good choice for those who love gadgets and want to bring an element of fun in their daily routine.

Universal Remotes

A universal remote is a handy device because it allows the user to control several electronic devices such as the TV, home cinema, DVD or Blu-ray player, Hi-Fi system, computer, and more. There are different kinds of universal remote controls to choose from. Some of them can only control two or three devices, whereas the more sophisticated models allow users to operate up to 10 devices. However, the number of supported devices is not the only criterion for choosing a good universal remote. Buyers should take other things into account in order to make sure the TV remote is a better choice than their existing one.

Different Types of Universal Remotes

Although most universal remotes work in infrared, some models are compatible with radio frequencies, which can provide an enhanced entertainment experience and better comfort because there is no need to point the remote at the device. The screen of the TV often displays additional virtual buttons to customize the behaviour of the remote. Moreover, colour and touch displays are reserved for top models and offer better readability. The ergonomics are also an important factor to take into account, but this actually depends on the personal preferences of the users. For instance, minimalist remotes are thought to be easy to use; others have more buttons, but are also larger.

Potential Drawbacks of Using Universal TV Remotes

There are several drawbacks of using a universal TV remote, with the most common of them being making it work for various devices. Some devices may not be readily programmable and users may expect to spend some time trying to find the right values needed for a specific device to work properly with the remote. In addition to that, some low-end universal TV remotes may only perform basic functions and fail to offer the same functionality as the original remotes.

TV Remotes for the Elderly

Elderly people may have different needs from the rest of users when it comes to using a TV remote. When buying a remote control for seniors, buyers should make sure the device features an ergonomic design that is easy to hold. Many TV remotes that come with TV sets are not very comfortable for elderly individuals, as they are lightweight, smooth, and thin. As a consequence, buying a better TV remote on eBay can make the TV watching experience more pleasant. An essential factor to take into account when shopping for a new TV remote for elderly people is the presence of buttons which are easy to see and easy to push. Moreover, having few buttons is ideal, in order for the users to avoid having problems when using the TV remote. Few buttons also means less confusion when it comes to changing settings.

How to Find a Better TV Remote on eBay

Shopping for a better TV remote on eBay should not be a difficult process due to the large number of models available from sellers from around the world. The easiest way to find the remote control of your dreams is to browse through the many models and take some time to read the product descriptions of the items you may want to buy. Alternatively, you can choose to search for a specific type of TV remote by typing the keywords you are interested in into the search bar you can find on any page of the website. For instance, you could type "universal remote" and start browsing the results in this category immediately.

The search results you get can be narrowed down according to your own preferences and by doing this, you can speed up the searching process to a great extent. As in the case of other electronic products, you should pay attention to compatibilities when shopping for a better TV remote on eBay. Thus, you need to make sure the product you buy would work well with your existent TV. This way, you can avoid the situation of having to send the item back because it does not work. If the product description is unclear in any way, you should not hesitate to contact the seller in order to find out more details.


TV remotes are essential devices for watching one’s favourite movies and TV programmes comfortably. Different models come with different features and if users are not content with the original remote control that came with their TV, they can simply buy a better TV remote on eBay. Popular choices include universal remote controllers and devices intended for specific demographics, such as the elderly. eBay is a good place to browse for a new TV remote because of the large number of such products available on the website.

Buyers who are interested in purchasing a better TV remote should first consider their preferences and budget and then start browsing for a device that fulfils their criteria. The user-friendly search system available on eBay makes the search quick and easy. Whether one is interested in a simple TV remote or one with more complex features, chances are they can find it quickly on eBay.

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