Buying a Disney soft toy

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When thinking about buying a Disney soft toy, I know many of you will think about checking out the cheapest, especially when it comes to the new craze.  
For example... Frozen. Its become huge all over the world and that means people are trying to cash in on what every child wants. To start with, foreign teddies are hitting the market. You have to remember that in a lot of these cases the reason they are 'cheap' is down to not passing the UK safety tests. 
Check who your buying from!  Are they a professional Ebayer? If they are, they maybe importing the soft toys and selling them with a few quid extra on top. 
When buying a Disney soft toy you should try to pick a UK seller.(one that hasn't bought in bulk from a different country.) That way you can guarantee its not caked in chemicals which may be considered harmful. If you can get one that still contain tags!
Make sure you go through the pages properly checking feed back. Also, bare in mind soft toys may seem like they should be cheap postage as they are 'light'. But when you stick them on a scale and double check you will soon find out, they are not as light as they seem. When in doubt, go to the Disney store and purchase directly. (After Christmas they do really good sales). 

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