Buying a Fruit Machine

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Buying a fruit machine seems a simple thing to do, but you don't want to buy one your going to get board from after a few weeks of playing do you? I'm going to write you a guide to buying your perfect fruit machine. You don't have to follow it, but following these tips may help you when deciding which fruit machine you want.

Firstly, think about places you've been in the past. Places such as holiday parks, entertainment centres, arcades or even your local pub. Places where you would normally find fruit machines. Doesn't matter about the jackpot or anything. Now think, did you play on the fruit machine(s)? If you did, then it means you've been attracted to the machine layout and it's game. I know machines that i've been attracted to before. Did you go back and play it again? or did you want to? This could be the machine your looking for then. Don't just think about what machines other people like, if your buying it then you've got to like it yourself. Although, it might be a good idea to consider what machines other people like if your going to try and gain money or make a profit.

Secondly, think about your jackpot. Certain Jackpot can equal to certain ages of playing, such as £25 Jackpot. You have to be over 18 to play on these machines. This wouldn't be good if you own a place where you want the machine to be played on by children. Look at your target audiance. What age group most visit your place. If it's mainly children, such as arcades or fair grounds, then you want to set your jackpot at no more than £8 really. £5 Jackpot would attract most children.

Your price of play is important to the people playing your machine. You don't want them to walk away. You want them to be attracted to the machine, but a price of play too high such as 20p play on a £8 jackpot machine might just put them off. Decide on a price that would suit you and them. Here's a few ranges of ideas you might want to set your prices at:

-£5 Jackpot > 5p/10p Play  (depending on where your machine will be sited.) 

-£8 Jackpot > 5p/10p Play

-£15 Jaclpot > 10p/20p Play

-£25 Jackpot > 20p/25p/30p Play 

Finally, think of where to place your machine. A good viewing point for your audiance could gain your profit alot. Don't hide your fruit machine where it will not be seen.

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