Buying a Motorhome and what you need to know.

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I had to think very carefully before writing this guide as I didn't want to put people off buying a Motorhome but I felt buyers need to know what to look out for.

Firstly you have to remember about the price you are paying as most people don't factor in the dreaded VAT. All vehicles (cars,vans,motorbikes etc) have a levy of 20% VAT meaning 1/5th of the price goes to the Treasury. So if your Motorhome costs £40,000 the actual price is £32,000, this becomes more relevant the more you pay. A top end £100,000 one really costs £80,000 so if you think you are getting a high quality, bespoke handbuilt vehicle that's cost you £100,000 your only getting an £80,000 vehicle and the point is that £20k is not put into your Motorhome.

That's just the beginning, who builds the best Motorhomes?...the Germans. Why? The main problem with British built is the white sealant used around the vehicle, it's a poor quality material. It shrinks in very cold weather and the actual finish in my case is appaling, not smooth or consistant but rough with gaps here and there. I recently bought a brand new Elddis Autoquest 115 2 berth and I had to make this vehicle roadworthy myself before I could use it. I'm not the only one, go to any Motorhome show and talk to owners and some will tell the same story. My problems were so severe Elddis offered me compensation, which they have never done so before. I don't want to list all the issues as I would be typing for a very long time but if you want pictures of the faults send me a message and I will gladly send you them.

Why didn't I take it straight back to the dealership? I did but these people only sell them,they don't fix them. Not the problems I had, so as I'm a diesel mechanic with 35 years experience I made this vehicle safe. 

It's not just Elddis, I went to the Eventcity show in Trafford Park in January 2015 and all the Motorhomes except Hymer had the same issue with the white sealant and some of the dealers told me they too were fed up with the word "Sealant". The best of British were "Baileys", well built, nice price.

If you are buying a Motorhome don't buy one because the magazine says it has nice curtains and an extra cup holder, buy one that does the job you want it to. I complained to "MMM " magazine about my Motorhome but they weren't interested as they don't want to upset any of the manufacturer's  as they would not have any vehicles to road test.  You need to know how economical the vehicle is, is it easy to service, how easy is it to clean inside and out, are there any reliability issues, how good is the damp protection, what warranty there is, not it's a nice colour with a good cd or mp3 player,what twaddle. Magazines only tell you the good,not the bad nor the ugly.

Would I buy an Elddis again, no chance, the workers at Elddis are either not skilled at their job or they don't care about their workmanship, no pride. Mine was a disgrace and I kept it because what guarantee did I have any other they gave me was any better than the first one.

Just a couple of the problems...the wardrobe door was bowed like a banana, the toilet door handle hadn't been fitted properly (grub screw holding it on wasn't tight so it came off in  my hand) the locker doors over the sink didn't fit properly, (the doors were uneven, some protruding more than others) the toilet compartment cabinet door didn't have a catch plate so it wouldn't lock and my toiletries fell out onto the toilet. Underneath the wiring harness's weren't secure so they were putting excess strain on the connections, I had to re-strap them using strong cable ties. The waste water pipe was fitted so tightly it was rubbing on the bodywork making a groove in it.

There's more but you get my drift.....need any advice .send a message.
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