Buying a Second Hand Drinks Vending Machine. Check List

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Drinks vending machines, particularly automatic ones are complex pieces of equipment and there are many things that can go wrong, or be wrong, for you the end user.

To help you get the right machine in the correct condition, here is a list of questions for you to ask the seller. If the answer to any of these questions is 'no', then you will have work to do before the machine can be used, or problems in the future.

  1. Is the machine working now?
  2. Have the ingredient canisters been sterilised properly?
  3. Has the extraction system been cleaned?
  4. Has the extraction fan been serviced & tested?
  5. Have all the motors been serviced & tested?
  6. Have all the water valves been serviced & tested?
  7. Have all the drink contact parts been sterilised?
  8. Is the inside of the cabinet clean & hygenic?
  9. Does the seller offer any technical support?

These are just the basic questions, and getting 'yes' for an answer means you will be assured of a clean serviceable machine which can be put to work straight away.

Getting 'no' for an asnswer will mean work and money before you can use your machine, for example, if the ingredient canisters haven't been cleaned it can take half an hour or more to strip and sterilise each canister. After all you wouldn't want to serve drinks from a canister with old stale, and possibly mouldy ingredient still in it.

Many second hand machines are sold 'as is'. They have been disconnected and stored, then sold with nothing done to them before sale. The work to put them into full, correct operation is time consuming and expensive.

It might look like a bargain, but is it really?

Our machines have all been fully cleaned, serviced & tested before sale. Why would you want to buy anywhere else?

Quality machines 'site ready'

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