Buying a blocked from phone from EBay - iphone

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I recently bought a phone from eBay which was allegedly owned from new and now wasn't receiving a GSM signal  I fixed the phone by replacing the antennas which had been deliberately cut and found that it would connect to a network. Having used Check mend to check the IMEI number I discovered that it had been reported as lost/stolen and subject to an insurance claim and  was blocked.  I contacted eBay and they were courteous but stuck to their policy that since I had opened the phone and modified it then I couldn't get my money back despite the fact that nothing I could do to the phone could get it blocked and that this action could only be performed by the original owner who has committed insurance fraud in doing this.  It was explained to me that the eBay policy is that items which have been opened/mended cannot be returned despite the fact that any action I could have taken could not result it getting blocked. Therefore I would not recommend buying any phone from eBay either broken or working as they seem uninterested in the fact that they are encouraging criminal activity.

Therefore if you are dishonest, unlike me, please take your stolen/lost phone part and cut the antennas and advertise it it as no signal or not connecting to network (don't why know honest!) and eBay will happily let you sell a stolen or insurance fraud phone due to their policies and your buyer will in the same position as me with an iphone  - ipod.  Happy selling!


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