Buying a decent Playable Musical instrument!

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Ok,I am probably having a gripe but when it comes to musical instruments,I am completely bewildered that there is so much rubbish available on the market,you really do need to be careful! there is on ebay uk,at the moment described as a new Eb Clarinet which has an albert system and hardcase-and is excellent.

Tutt,tutt,There is no such thing as a "Good" cheap New instrument!(maybe fair)But  not as far as I am aware,this Clarinet I can advise you would be terrible-how do I know,well,I am in the musical instrument business,it is my job to know.I have actually had the unfortunate displeasure of handling ones of these.Please,Just don't do it,if you wish for something cheap speak to someone first,do not think for one moment you shall be doing anybody any favours by buying one of these,and indeed,the Cornets and other instruments are pretty shoddy to say the least-I have a cornet here-I shall take pictures of it and describe in detail what is wrong.

I find it incredibly offensive that one of these can be offered,Parents buy these for their children-whom really would like to play an instrument,and they try to save money-because children may well give up within a month,well with one of these,it would be around....a day.That's right,your child-or even yourself shall go into a multitude of rainbow colourings in a bid to get some notes out of it.What is the point?

If you or your children are seriously interested in music,please do not do yourselves an injustice in buying something like this,it certainly will not last,the repairers in Great Britain are pretty much against even attempting to repair or even service one-well,there are unscrupulous in every trade,but thankfully they are usually few and far between.

I have written this hoping it shall save some of you and expensive mistake,there are plenty of first class sellers on ebay and the internet whom would do you a good turn and they shall give you an honest opinion on what would be best to buy.

Unfortunately,I cannot advise which would be the best modern instrument for you to buy-because I deal entirely in Vintage used and some iconic musical instruments,however,I do know when something is awful,most of these "musical instrument shaped objects" are copied to look vintage and are really completely and utterly horrendous.
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