Buying a keyboard - Electronic and Dance music making

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Just a quick guide to dance music production. I recently bought a keyboard, and several things crossed my mind which I am going to share with you now, along with the answers now that I know what I am doing:

Midi keyboard/USB keyboard
Getting a USB is easier, cheaper, and more convenient, however you can use either

You will know if you need a synth; I thought that to produce good dance music you would need such equipment, but VSTs do the job fine. Synths seem very hard, and from what I have heard are only nesseserry if you need to produce music in a live performance without a PC.

Mini/Full keys
Full keys; mini keys are too small and make music difficult to play

Full size keyboard/Small one
Full sized keyboards are quite important. There is a lot of small ones (<30 keys), however to play a bassline and a melody at the same time, which is helpful when producing dance music as the bassline is a part of the track you really need a large keyboard (49 keys will do!)

Synth or VST
VSTs can do as much as synths can, except without limits. Synths generally have limits, and to remove them you are going to need to pay to get a good synth.

I use Cubase, with VSTs including Hypersonic 2, however I suspect reason and logic are both better for dance music

Twisty knobs on the keyboard?
Absolute must; without this you will not get the most out of your tracks!

I hope this helps people, as if I had have had this information when buying it would have really helped me!
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