Buying a pram

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Big decisions...

Buying your baby's pram is a huge decision. Everyone's has different nerds and wants. Read this guide to give you some more insight into what considerations you need to make.
There are so many different makes and models out there that it is very important to filter them down to suit you.

What will suit you?

Things you need to think about:
Budget - this will ultimately be the deciding factor!
Where do you live? City or countryside, this will help you decide if you need off road or not.
Do you need to store it somewhere small?
Will you be lifting it regularly?
Does it have a carrycot? These are very useful for newborns but don't always last too long and not all babies like to be lying down.

Does it parent face and forward face, and how easy is it to switch between the two?

Does the seat easily lay back if baby falls asleep? This is important when you are out and about or baby is unsettled.

Hopefully some of these questions will help you to consider what you really need when buying a pushcair. It is a huge decision and one that will impact on a very busy and demanding time in your life.
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