Buying a pram or buggy? Save money, first time mums!!

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Is this your first baby? do you anticipate any more in the future would be the first thing I would ask!  When pregnant with my first child, the thought on any future babies did not enter my mind as I got caught up in the excitement of buying for first baby. I feel that if I had thought more carefully then I could ahve saved myself a lot of money.  Soon after the birth of my son, I decided to try for another, obviously this is the case with a lot of people as most mums at toddler groups have similar age gaps to myself, anything between 1 and 3 year age gaps.  So babykins is just hitting 2 and Ive now a new born, hence need for double buggy now! 

If I had thought more about the future when I was pregnant first time around I would have purchased a pushchair with an attachable toddler seat, or at least a model that in the future I could fit one to, with paces like ebay it is fairly easy to source these accessories even a couple of years on ut if the pram you choose doesn't have that feature then like me it is back to the shops.  My initial pram didnt get the use I had hoped for (and paid for) and then I had to fork out for another one which then only got used for about a year until my eldest was walking, then it was back to the intial buggy for another year, but many people do not have the luxury of storage for numerous prams or may have to sell one to buy another.

There are also other things to take into account, so you know your having a girl for example, tempting as it may be to buy a pink buggy/moses basket/bedding and car seat.  Think ahead as you cant use them for the son you may be having in a year or two!  And vice versa.

The best way to save money is to try to buy as neutral equipment as possible that can do both sexes, these can easily be colourised by use of blankets and toys etc for the sex of your child.  And please think carefully about what pram or pushchair you decide on. 

I looked at all the baby best buys books and reviews and althogh I got lots of advice and ideas there was never any comments on considering future children.  Think and save money......

Hope this helps a little.
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