Buying a pram & what's important

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Pram shopping now offers so much choice it can be difficult especially when it's your first baby to know what are the essentials and how to decide which is best for you.  I have just been through the process myself and one year in I wanted to pass on what I've learnt!

Where will the pram be stored?
Do you have space to store it fully assembled or do you need to store it in a small space? Many of the newer prams fold up the seat unit and chassis separately which can help when needing to store in a small space. 

Car seat / carrycot / chair
Its good to think about what parts of the pram will be important to your lifestyle and if these options are available for the model you like.
Carrycot - great for letting baby sleep and stretch out while out and about. Some of the newer models also have carrycots which allow for overnight sleeping so you can do without a moses basket and can help the baby sleep in the carrycot when out as they become very familiar with it as their bed.
Car seat - do you want this to attach to the chassis and if so do you need special adaptors? If you use the car a lot it can be handy to have the option of moving the baby from car to pram without stirring them however long periods of time in the car seat is not recommended.
Chair unit - do you want the seat to recline so baby / toddler can lie back to sleep?

Some tyres are air filled - great for cushioning baby's ride but be prepared incase you get a puncture whilst out and about!

Shopping basket
Will you need the pram to carry a lot of shopping? Some newer models have very small baskets which very quickly will become annoying if you're trying to carry shopping and have a newborn wanting lifted out of the pram!

Are the wheels fixed to only move in straight line or can they fully swivel - fixed 4 wheels can be very difficult to steer especially in tight spaces.

Does the handle adjust in height? This can be helpful if people of varying height are pushing the pram to help maintain their posture.

Do you need extras such as raincover, cup holder, parasol, changing bag, foot muff and do these come with the pram? One of the advantages of buying on ebay if you often get these extras within a bundle at a great price!
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