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Tent Size

The most obvious to begin with, is the size of the tent required.  Some of the more nationally recognised sites such as Haven and Park Resorts have small, square pitch sizes so if this is where most of your camping holidays will be this will determine the maximum size and also the shape of your tent.  No point in purchasing a huge spider shaped tent if you are camping on a 4m X 4m pitch all the time.  Another point to consider when choosing a size is the height of the tent.  I have 2 six footers who like to be able to stand up when they're getting dressed so height is an important issue for my family.


Some questions to ask yourself in regards to bedrooms prior to buying a tent.  How many people will be using the tent on a regular basis? Can those people all share one room or will there be a requirement to have multiple bedrooms? As a family I have 1 son and 2 daughters instantly requiring me to choose a tent with a minimum of 2 bedrooms for them and 1 for myself and hubby. So although only 5 of us we always look for a minimum of a 6 berth to enable us to have 3 bedrooms.


There are 3 ways to erect a tent, steel poles, fibreglass poles and air beam.  Steel poles will obviously weigh the most and take up the greatest room in the boot of your car, however they are also the most hard wearing of the 3 options.  Steel poles are most likely to survive the most extreme of weather conditions here in England over fibreglass but can be more troublesome when it comes to putting the tent up and down...strong muscles required!  Air beam tents are generally put up in literally a few moments and can be erected by one person.  More maintenance is required while camping however, as they are likely to require topping up most days.

And the rest....

Before purchase a couple more things to consider....will the packed tent and poles fit in the boot of the car with all the other camping requirements? Is the tent a one or two person erection and are these people capable of erecting this particular tent? How long do the instructions advise to erect the tent....if it's going to take 2 hours to put the tent up and you plan on moving around every 2-3 days it would probably be more beneficial to look for a tent that can be erected in a much shorter time.

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